[Game] Sac vs. Orl Jan 7th 7PT/10ET

We start on probably our easiest part of the schedule this season and we get our #2 pick back in Marvin Bagley. Hopefully we can start this stretch on the right track with a victory tonight.

The Magic have a new coach this year in Steve Clifford who used to coach the Hornets. I don't see this game as a gimmie since the Magic are playing much better than last year with some wins against quality opponents. Boston,SAS,76ers,TOR, and Lakers x2 are among some of their wins this season.

I hope to see Fox play at pre-injury levels, some Giles time, Marvin's motor,a strong follow up game from Justin, and most importantly a damn win. :p
Kings have been winning against teams they should beat this season. So hopefully the trend continues.

So Bagley is back for sure?

Hope so! We've missed him dearly.

Kings by +10 points.



Hall of Famer
Other than getting the win, the things I'm looking for:

How does Bagley look?
Does Giles get time on the floor?
Does Jackson continue with his aggression from the prior game?
Is Bogs still doing the dribble, dribble, dribble thing, or moving the ball?
Is Fox starting to look healthy?
Is Shump playing?
Theory on Bogi's mini slump since the game winner: NBA is a mental game, including learning how to win. A shot like that is an absolute peak experience. There's no shame in saying it's challenging keeping perspective when you hit one like that. In fact the very confidence that allows him to WANT that shot, and MAKE that shot, is not a "fix-all" attribute... you need to learn how to handle it. I fully expect Bogi to return to normal form very soon. Testosterone levels go through the roof when you hit one like that.