[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (TDOS)


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Durant liked to stir the pot to garner headlines or perhaps if was media doing the stirring? either way, does Kyrie decide to play with him again?


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I’m pretty sure Westbrook and Beverley do not get a long. That’s going to some interesting time on that bench
I’d imagine they’re going to try to package Westbrook’s salary with those late 2020s first round picks to get the Myles Turner/Buddy deal done though I don’t think that’s particularly appealing for the Pacers either.
Sucks because PatBev is actually a really good complementary player on a Lebron ran team. THT definitely was not. Lakers just got a good bit better.
Literally the perfect compliment to a Bron-led team. Defense, spacing, secondary ball-handling/playmaking. Gotta hope the Pacers hold strong and don't just sell Turner/Buddy for nothing, or that team will leap-frog us.
Vlade being a smoker. I remember one game I attended and sat closer than I usually did… after Vlade got called for a charge on a Robert Horry flop…he pulled what I like to believe was nictoine gum out of his mouth and threw it at a grounded Robert Horry without getting T’d up for it. I guess the ref didn’t see it and just thought Vlade was just making a “forget you” hand gesture at Horry..Horry was also turned away acting like he was hurt so he probably didn’t know it either…but I saw him put his fingers in his mouth first…It was definitely gum he threw at him. I always add the nicotine gum detail because he was a smoker.
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Three quarters of the teams are crap and most of the teams use foreigners rather than native players it's a joke at this point what's the point of national teams. when countries are just buying/importing players.
not sure if native/not native players moment will bother americans...
i just hoped some will be curious to see their favourite players is some different environment, with some other teammates

3 quarters are crap because 24 teams are participating, that's too much for europe

still, we have tournament with: jokić, giannis, dončić, sabonis, gobert, nurkić, len, markkanen, fournier, wagner, schroder ...

vezenkov is good for example. vanja marinković came back from the dead under a new coach...