[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (TDOS)


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The Minni/Utah trade could send both teams teams lower in the standings next year; looking up for the Kings in that regard.


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LOL Chet absolutely running circles around Tacko right now.

This Utah Jazz Summer League team is really bad while OKC is essentially running its entire roster aside from SGA and Dort.


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Even as bad as it is, I think Orlando's gonna regret taking Banchero.

The only question with Chet is his body. He's easily the top prospect and it's not close.
I think they'll be fine. I think people are sleeping on the potential of this draft. If Banchero, Chet, and Ivey pan out you're looking at a lineup maybe looking like the Melo, Bosh, and Wade draft minus LeBron.
Jovic playing that Bjelly first season Kings role to perfection in his 3rd Summer League game, damn I had no idea he had that kind of patience and feel around the rim and he literally never set a single screen in the ABA been setting solid well timed screens. Interesting I thought he would be more Kyle Anderson/Joe Ingles but Miami in Summer League using him like Bjelly. Also on defense the speed did not bother him (I think the strenght of NBA players will but). Interesting development seems very adaptable dude is a baller.
Jabari Smith: 10/7/3 +/- -17

Paolo: 17/6/4 +/- +20
Smith‘s transition is going to take time n work. No face up game. The physical tools are there. Going to get bullied in yr 1.
Banchero was my number 1 pick. Smooth handle for a 6’10 dude. All the tools. His drive needs either more burst (unlikely) or more polish (a bit too mechanical).
Initial eye ball thoughts: Sharpe looks small. Not a jumbo 2. Ivey is as wild as I remembered. I think Jalen Willians will be better than either player next year. And maybe long term as well.

Thoughts subject to change.