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Another solid game from Payton. Why exactly the suns didn’t want him back? They prefer play a SF as PG?
It's crazy to think about how many starting PGs they've discarded over the last few years (IT, Dragic, Bledsoe, Knight, Payton) because they simply couldn't find enough minutes for all of them and now they have a great lineup of youngsters and the only glaring hole is a veteran PG to run the offense. I don't know why they discarded Payton other than they just saw him as a means to an end (tanking for the #1 pick) and never seriously considered him a part of their core.

They'll probably manage to luck their way into another one sooner or later though. That's been their MO dating all the way back to KJ in the late 80s. This is a team that once had Kevin Johnson, Jason Kidd, and Steve Nash all on their roster at the same time after all! That's pretty unbelievable.


The Game Thread Dude
This Hawks-Mavs game is two bad teams outbidding each other. Luka started great and has kinda look off since. Trae started bad and has come on strong in the 4th
Cousins just got ejected from the knicks/warriors game. I see he has settled down LOL
Well that was something I do not see everyday someone in street clothes gets a T.
Was watching the game. It comes back from commercial break and Mike Breen says "One of the Warriors stars has been ejected, but not the ones on the floor" He was up and barking at one of the officials. Curry and Livingston were talking to the official after, I think it was Scott Foster IIRC.
Same old DeMarcus. For fudge sake. I have always rooted for him but he makes it hard doesnt he.
I watched the highlight of Boogie getting tossed and Draymond trying to chill him out. That moment when Draymond realized all these years he was an amatuer at ticking off the refs.
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