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Ya know, as thrilled as I am that the Kings are playing well, I have to say that I’m generally disgusted with the NBA at large this season. I hate that the rules have made it untenable to even try and play defense. In no world should it be okay that a team can’t stop Derrick Rose in 2018.
there is no question the NBA can be unwatchable at times, yet....I still find myself tuning in to almost every game because the competition is spread out much more now if you are not counting on watching Warriors games....the East for example will be a dog fight this season with Toronto, Boston, Philly & Milwaukee. The West is fun to watch as long as the Rockets & Lakers remain irrelevant so I have my reasons for still watching, rather than partaking in another sport, which I still do anyway as a fall back option.


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Kid had to make plays

I wonder about Matthews than minuet he fouls the 4 Mavs are beside themselves so how does he not know about it
I realize you're stanning hard for Luka but it's not like the Lakers defense has been the bastion of awesomeness to start the season. They're 29th in the league for ppg allowed.
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