MLB post-season

That flippin game 3 was like reliving Bill Buckner and Kirk Gibson in one night.

Glad Sox put this baby to bed in 3 hours tonight. My kiddo had free dress for his 10th birthday on Thursday and put on a Sox hat which I thought was pretty cool. I couldn't decide if I'd rather they struck Machado out or threw at his head when he came to the plate with 2 down in the 9th tho.

I see your petty and go all in VF.


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Comment of the night on Facebook:

Great decade for Giants fans: 3 World Series titles and 2 World Series LA Dodgers losses.
Not super ashamed to admit rooting for the Giants when the Sox are down which is like rooting for 4 teams when you include whoever is playing the Yankees and Dodgers.

I find regular season to be a snooze fest but the playoffs can still be next level when you have to manage rotations and a game like game 3. Alex Cora seems to be one of the next great minds so far.


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I turned away from baseball during the steroid era. I haven't come all the way back but I do admit to enjoying the World Series.


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I enjoy going to a RiverCats game and an occasional Giants game. I don't watch baseball on TV (too boring) unless the Giants are in the PO and then I'll typically watch some of the games. Didn't watch one minute of baseball PO this year that I recall.

But if the Giants aren't in it, having the Dodgers lose is enough to make me just a little giddy inside. I'm not sure why that is. :)