MLB post-season

Cleveland rested Miller and saved Klueber for a potential game 7 and it was a brilliant decision. I've got Cleveland winning 5-3 tonight. #Windians #GoTribe
Of COURSE there's a rain delay!
Concluding WS in early November is always more risk of bad weather. Even snow at some northern open air baseball parks possible so late in fall. Back in the day before so many playoff games when regular season 154 games not 162 WS all rapped up well before mid-October. I like expanded playoffs but think going back to 154 games makes a lot of sense. But MLB probably only thinks about loss of revenue whatever impact that might be.

Great game 7, great series between two never say die teams.


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the curse is over! a big congratulations to the Cubs and the loyal fanbase that stuck with them for a century...couldn't of happened to a more deserving franchise, they were due.


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The Cubs won the World Series and the Chicago fans didn't burn the city to the ground. Color me impressed...glad I grabbed my seat on the bandwagon BEFORE the finals. :p
I can now live the rest of my life in peace. I have been a long time Cubs fan and this was the pinnacle of what sports could mean for me and my family. I enjoyed every single moment of this season.
Looks like the Sox have made quite a few moves yesterday that seem to indicate Pablo will be their starting 3B. He's looking real trim right now too.
If he plays 10 games he'll be a better Pablo :eek: I know Sox got the money and can eat it, but if favorite team A is going to poach favorite team B's player, I prefer it to work out.


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And you hear chants of "Let's go Boston" sweeping through the ballpark. Yes, I am that shallow that I take joy from the mere sound.


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Nine more outs until Dodger fan leaves with broken hearts again.

I am just a little concerned about this aspect of my sports fan personality. I don't remember always deriving this much enjoyment from the bitter taste of inevitable defeat on the faces of fans. Maybe it's more an LA thing... :p