Meet The New King Ricky Minard!

At the Raley's near Arco Arena. (Del Paso Rd. & Natomas Blvd.)

From: 11am-12noon

It's Tomorrow, September 25, 2004.

Just thought I'd tell you guys ;)


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Wish I could make it up there. I'd love to meet Minard. His play in the summer league reminded me of a cross between a young Mitch Richmond and BJax: tough, hard nosed, good outside shot, fearless going to the basket, energetic defender. Petrie wouldn't have signed him if he didn't know something. :)
I heard it was a pretty great turnout... They didn't advertise it much. It was sort of a Natomas Community Invite.

There was a Radio station that came..and I saw a huge line outside...
I stopped by. Minard is super nice. Easy smile, quick laugh. He was there to sign autographs, judge a best tasting tomato contest and said he was headed out to Bobby Jackson's golf tournament later in the day. Like Bobby, he's crap at golf, so was just going to support BoJax like other Kings players. He lives close to ARCO.