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  • R.I.P. Rick Fay aka CruzDude, who passed away October 3, 2021 at the age of 81 following a battle with cancer. A huge Kings fan and avid attendee of the Vegas Summer League. He will be missed.
    Yep, just check out the draft thread.

    I had T.Rob right behind MKG, so since we lost out on MKG, if we weren't going to trade the pick, we got the guy I wanted.

    Unfortunately we haven't addressed the biggest problem on our team which is the gaping hole at SF.

    I'm praying that Taylor drops all the way down to 36, but Quincy Miller could be a good pick-up as well.

    But if we don't address the SF issue by the start of the's a major problem.
    Thanks for your message, CruzDude regarding the 4/07/12 game. I don't know where I'll be living come April, so to play it safe, I'm declining on going to the game. Bummer. Thanks very much and best regards. Go Kings.
    Thanks for your message, CruzDude regarding the 4/07/12 game. I don't know where I'll be living come April so to play it safe I'm passing on the game. Bummer. Thanks very much and best regards. Go Kings.
    April 7th? I don't mind stickying it for a bit, but the whole season seems a bit much. Is there a drop dead date by which time you need to have the tickets lined up or some such?
    I would like buy ticket by internet on Kings Lakers game, but I can't. I vave this information:
    Los Angeles Lakers tickets are available through Kings two-packs and other exciting ticket packages. Please click this link for more information
    Can you help me?
    Bartosz from Poland
    have you not gotten my PM's? I've seen several people still request tickets. They can have mine!!
    Sorry Dude, while I greatly appreciate the offer, my scheduling situation simply isn't stable enough at this point to predict my availability that far in advance. So begrudgingly, I must pass. Thanks again for keeping me in the loop though and if I do get that day free, I may try to head there on my own and catch up with you all.
    Thanks Cruz, let me see if it would be just me or if I have any SoCal friends who would want to come. Appreciate the work on this though.

    Noel and I would love to have lunch with you guys. Give us a heads up on your timing and well meet you downtown. Den..
    If we get minimum of 20 confirmed fans to go to the game we will get the seats in section 105 along side the visitors (Kings) tunnel in the lower section just up off the floor. Great seats actually. Price will be $54 each.

    Would like to get confirmations done in September so we can lock up the section and then maybe the Clips will block off a few more just in case.
    I live in Hollywood, so I can easily take the train to Staples. How much are the tickets? What section are you guys getting?
    Hi Cruz, just a quick message to say i think you did a great job with your interviews and blogs this summer. I hope you have the opportunity to continue to be a liaison point between the Kings players / staff and the fans (such as me, so far away in England)

    best wishes and thanks again

    Welcome to the few, the proud, the SoCal Kings fans. Actually, I find myself rather alone here in Laker Country as most SoCalers think I'm talking hockey every time I mention I'm a Kings fan. So in all honesty, if you find a Kings fan contingency in the 619, let me know. Keep in touch SolanaDude.
    Cruzdude, I find you to be the coolest dude on the board and look forward to your analysis of summer league every year. Friends?
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