Las Vegas Summer League

Mitchell and Woodard should be reliable scorers in Summer League. Quetas has some post scoring ability but we'll see how he adjusts to SL competition. Ramsey is the real unknown. He had a couple good GLeague games but had more horrible ones with really inefficient shooting numbers. He has more to prove in SL than anyone else on the roster IMO.
Woodard development all of a sudden becomes incredibly important with their investment in the back-court.
Just rewatched some of King and have to say pretty impressive. Really like how aggressive he is on offense with a variety of moves. He kind of reminds me of Shawn Marion, but with less agility. Interested to see what his trajectory is.
Huh? They money option hasnt changed. They have early bird for Holmes and the MLE. Dont remember if they have the room or not. Either way Holmes signing on early bird has no bearing on the ability to sign other free agents.
No room I think with the cap holds. Filling a position of need in draft did change. Now in order to fill that need you have 3 options, FA, trade, or bargain hunting part 2.
Do you think Justin James will play in Summer League again?

I was wonder if Haliburton would but from the early roster info it looks like he won't. That's fine (more minutes for Mitchell and Ramsey) but I hope he's using the time to hit the weight room.
Don't 3rd year players usually not go? I really expect James and Kyle to be released fairly soon so they can try and get a gig somewhere.


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The Kings will probably keep him until that deadline, in case they need him as salary filler for a trade.
Kind of crappy though, that means he'll get no shot until then to find a team if they waive him. Even at 3 years in getting a summer league chance somewhere might have been good.


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4 players that were playing Internationally, where the competition is better than the NCAA so it's nice to see some flavor from all parts