[Game] Kings vs. Raptors, 11/19/21 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

Kings Pain-o-meter

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Nurse is so overrated but I think he eventually figures stuff out. I think they are about to hammer home that one trick pick and roll now. Davion and co. need to switch those.
I do appreciate Tyrese not being afraid of the three anymore. So there’s that, I guess.
I don’t think he’s fully confident in that slow and funky form of his, though. That’s why, IMO, he hesitated a couple minutes ago and waited for the defender to jump so he could potentially be more open. He needs to either change that form up or commit to it.
You’re right. After rereading, it’s mostly how Walton is misusing bags around the 3 pt line.
Bruh, that's really the only way you can utilize him.

Him being down there clogs things for Barnes (the superior post player) and the PnR action with Hali/Holmes. Barnes/Bagley/Holmes doesn't work, nor does him with Len/TT.
Walton goes big again, see, he didn't see the correlation prior. He doesn't SEE the game. Can't cover that kind of crap up no matter how many years this goes.

Also, sidenote, Scottie Barnes could end up a game changing player. That is all.


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Lmao camera right on Siakam with a stream of blood running down his face

Draper; “they say someone’s bleeding? … maybe?”
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