[Game] Kings vs. Nets, 11/15/2022 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern (TNT)

How are we feeling about this team?!

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Dude’s one more interview away from getting Jason Terry’d at G1C
I'm just thinking they will take everything he has said recently and start throwing it back after this win, the whole world knows about the laser now. Sabonis is starting to get recognized as maybe not a nobody. Fox has Lakers lusting after him.
I will say, props to Charles and Shaq. Charles wants to see more Kings and less lakers, and Shaq drank the purple kool-aid... (he may be having some sellers remorse today). BUT a giant F@$K YOU to Kenny Smith who clearly doesnt want to even be bothered by talking the kings or learning any Kings players names. Loved how they showed tweets doggin the crew for not knowing anything about the Kings. But it was a bit rediculous how they clearly wanted to pretend like TNT are College Game Day making their way to a mid-major school who is getting its only moment in the sun. The league has dogged this team at every chance from stealing a possible championship in 2002 to treating them like a red headed (not red velvet) stepchild. If im Mike brown i show every clip of the crew talking over the highlights of the kings where clearly they didnt know any of the players, and I'd show TD the clip of Kenny calling him Harris 3-4 time in a row. Take a screen shot and put it on his locker. Motivation.
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