[Game] Kings v. Pacers - 1/18/17 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

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I'm actually at a loss for words, but I do promise not to temporarily derail the thread with talk about the OJ special (especially since it now appears as though it's all hat and no cattle).

We need to see a team effort. I personally want to see Omri Casspi get all of Matt Barnes minutes for the simple reason I feel as though Omri has the team at heart.

I want to see heart and hustle, effort and energy. I want to see some pride. I know I may be asking for too much, but I sure as heck would like to see a consistent effort on defense for all 48 minutes.

This team is not as bad as it looks at times. Thus far, they're not making the most (or much of anything) of the home court advantage. They really need to remember why that 6 hangs in the rafters and give the fans a chance to be involved the whole game.





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Pacers come to town winning 6 out of 7...doesn't bode well for a W. Personally, let's rack these losses up, especially with this long road trip coming up where the Kings very well could lose all of them, might sneak a win out of there somewhere but other than that, let's stay the course. Play some youth, nearly 10 games under .500
Omri likely suffering PTSD like most Kings fans. Never thought team would tank half-way into the season. At least that looks like "the plan." Unless just certified "turrible." Oh well, the proverbial - Go Kings!


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I'm actually beginning to be somewhat concerned about Omri's health and condition... I hope it's just my overactive maternal instinct at work.
I mean, I realize that coach's been a little inconsistent with Omri's playing time but a lot of that could be attributed to Omri apparently having bones made of glass, skin made of tissue paper, and an immune system made of piping from industrial-era London's sewer.
The team is currently unwatchable, meaning I'm not looking forward to watching as an avid fan given the lethargic/dead momentum, let's see if we can work up from that


Myles Turner has one major weakness right now and that's players who are strong/physical he's been monstered a number of times by stronger players (e.g Dwight). Cousins should really post up this game.
Kings lose 7 of last 9
(After winning 6 of 8 in the previous stretch)

Can we turn it around again, against the Pacers?..

Think you know how it's gonna end?
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