[Game] Kings v. Heat - 7/22 - 5 PT


The Game Thread Dude
The thing about Jabari is that much like with Marvin, the makings of a really really good player are there, they've just been overshadowed by injuries
Unfortunately that's the only play that Harry's had tonight that would remotely resemble a highlight.
He's still young. Hopefully that kicks up the confidence a little. The Heat have picked on him defensively all night long. And any scout with the Kings direct competition worth their salt is paying attention.
I've always loved Jeffries and was one of the guys I wanted us to draft in the 2nd round. Happy to see him showing well.

I have wondered if he can guard NBA SFs at a high level (vs. being delegated to a PF). Will be interesting to get a good look at him during these games.
Man, I don't expect him to be this good for the actual games but DaQuan has been a pleasant surprise tonight
Good sign for him is he's showed in his his spot shooting in the G-league. With players that basically played bruising PF's in college that are likely wings in the NBA that's always what keeps them out of the league.
Should be noted that Jeffries has a ridiculous 7 foot wingspan as a 6'4" guard
And a ridiculous 8’8” standing reach. Barnes has a 8’6” standing reach as a comparison.

And it’s been reported that he has a 42 inch vertical as well (not sure how reliable that is though).