[Game] Kings v Clippers - Tuesday, Dec. 31

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I mean wouldn't one think even on paper, "Hey, Kawhi and PG13. Barnes and Ariza!". It's becoming a fairly common sight that teams are going small against the Kings and the Kings are losing that battle trying to stay big.


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It took until 35 second in the 4th for HG to pick up his first foul. Good stuff. And I’m 100% confident those post shots are going to start falling if he continues getting minutes once Bagley returns...
If we can win like 3 or 4 in a row, my optimism will come rushing back. Anything can happen!

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I don't think anyone would've marked this game as a win, but with every passing game it's those multi-minute runs of complete futility that are the most concerning. The answers are there, but it's gotten to the point where they are quickly going beyond answers. Kings fans know the feeling of something fading to the black regardless of best intentions. It's getting there. Cool hand Luke, code red bro. Only code blue after that one.


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So... quick thoughts having not watched in a month or so.

Fox didn’t add any imprint, but still may be hurt according to commentary. But “imprint guy” may have had a point. How long do we need to ask “When’s he going to take over the game like we know he can?”

Hield sucks now.

Barnes is an invisible man.

Bjelica is like Barnes.

Holmes is a-okay in my book.

HG can help the team. I really hope he isn’t phased out when Bagley returns.

I miss when Bogi was a rookie and seemed like a high-IQ, crafty, intangible player.

The rest bench crew were unimpressive.
I'm most disappointed in Barnes. He's just existing out there. Getting paid a ton of money to just exist. He's not adding anything.
That's actually a pretty good summation of what every player seems to go through at times on this squad and there's a reason for that. They want to play a very team oriented style and as a result there is no consistency in terms of role and/or opportunity. It's like the Kings are guessing from moment to moment where their own attack is going to come from. For instance, there was a stretch where he finally matched up with Ariza and Barnes. He then subbed in Bogdan. The problem there was Bogdan ran the offense, what did Fox do? Nothing. He stood on the weakside with his man playing way off of him. Instead of continuing to spread out and keep the paint clear, Walton ran a failed back screen in the restricted area by Bogdan to get Holmes open on a lob. Problem was Fox was in mid penetration so when he got to his sweet spot he had to pull back.


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Welp, 8 losses in a row. We have a bunch of players that are just so inconsistent from game to game. Can't get too much worse though, so here's to an upward trend in 2020!
Another pitiful performance against a significantly short-handed Clippers squad. Face it - besides Holmes, Fox, and Joseph - the Kings are a group of gutless players who can’t deliver under pressure. Buddy is a great shooter when he gets on a hot streak, but his abundance of stupid turnovers and lapses on defense during key moments of games almost entirely diminishes his value. Game after game, I watch opposing teams create quality shots and make them. When the Kings have the ball they have to work SO HARD to get open looks and when they do, nobody can knock them down. Throw in the way Sacramento usually gets out-hustled, out-muscled, and outplayed on the boards, and it’s a recipe for sustained failure. I think it’s back to the drawing board to deconstruct the current roster and re-build with guys that are grittier, smarter, more athletic, and have the confidence to be winners.

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I'm most disappointed in Barnes. He's just existing out there. Getting paid a ton of money to just exist. He's not adding anything.
I can't imagine thinking that Harrison Barnes was going to become a different player, just because he got a bag. He's good enough to start in the NBA, that's it, and that's all.

If you look at the total length of the contract, instead of focusing on that Year One money, he's not even really overpaid. They gave him, maybe, a little bit more, because of the "Sacramento Tax," but 4/85 is just about the going rate for that level of production, in 2020.
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