[Game] Kings v. Clippers - Thursday, Jan. 11 - 7 PT

Along with being worst in off/def advanced stats, we have to be 30 in rebounding off free throws.. I seem to see it every game

If Vlade is holding out for a better Hill deal, Hill may not improve the prospects of it through his play from here on out
It's almost like putting our 4 best players on the floor together (Fox, WCS, Buddy, Bogdan) results in good play on the court. Who knew?
Fox forcing the shot at the end of the first half instead of collapsing the defense and kicking out. The Clippers were waiting for him and he got stuffed. He simply has to get more aware and play more team ball. If Pop were his coach he would have a new one.
Grant now "I think the Clippers fully healthy are pretty good"

Grant on radio "Clippers are in no-mans land. They may get the eighth seed and get killed by the Warriors. Who cares."