[Game] Kings v. Celtics - Wednesday, March 6 - 7PT/10ET

So apparently Kyrie made friends with Ainge and Stevens before they beat down the Dubs...

Dang! Why couldn't they have lanced that boil after the game tonight?! I wanted listless, poop show, toxic Celtics!

Ah well, go Kings!


Hall of Famer
If the Celtic bear has truly come out of hibernation, then it's not going to be pretty for the Kings. https://gfycat.com/evenglossyjanenschia Hopefully, the bear goes back into his den to sleep for a while before he comes out again. Regardless, all the Kings need to play their A game. That includes, Bogs, who has been wallowing in the "D" area for a while now.


The Game Thread Dude
The Celtics honestly are probably better without Kyrie right now simply because their chemistry is a godawful mess.

Also watching Bogi try to cover Tatum for however long we decide to play small is not going to be fun
Long term, I have no problem with the starting lineup though. Buddy/Bogdan have needed to start for years. Bogdan is still one of the teams better players, and should be given leash to work it out (provided no permanent injury issues)