Kings trade Skal for Caleb Swanigan

Wow, after watching those highlights. How was He not getting more playing time in Portland?
Seeing him pass in the high post like that, even being summer league, atleast flashes potential he could be a big body guy to come in and play the high - low game with Harry & Bags. A utility guy but can be much needed in a way Scott Pollard was to Divac and Web
Has anyone been fined for flipping in awhile?
I dunno but I just watched Plumlee flop against Embiid. Doris Burke even said "And Embiid puts it in easily after the flop". Made me laugh.

I don't think they've been enforcing the rule at all.

Isn't there another rule that you can't force a foul by jumping into the defender or something like that? Because that's still happening all over the league.
I hope to see him also. I believe Skal had himself a 32 point game last year also and I wasn’t surprised to see him traded but I will have to see what plans vlade thinks he has for the new guy . Who knows maybe Skal will get some playing time elsewhere.