Kings trade Skal for Caleb Swanigan

Niice work Vlade. I like Skal but this team needs a bruiser off the bench. clearly.

Biggie Swanigan has a crazy story to make it to the league. good kid. He used to be near 400lbs!!! has done a fantastic job getting in shape the past few years.

He has as long a wingspan as Willie too so not exactly undersized IMO. We could even see him at the 5.

He can shoot3's which is real nice, has some old school post game too. Solid player.
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The Kings have gotten killed by big beefy guys. This is a trade to complement your weakness in guarding those kind of guys. Both Swan and Skal can be good players, just different players. Even though I like Skal a lot, especially as a person, I like this deal.
The entire Blazers reddit sub says Swanigan sucks, but realistically Skal wasn't getting any minutes and I guess we wanted to get a look at another player instead.
They also think Skal is going to crack their rotation and are convinced he just never got a fair shake here. It could be a change of scenery does both players good but they've been a playoff team for years whereas there were openings for Skal if he wanted them.
This is a classic young for young trade. Skal has talent but he needed a change of scenery since he was not going to get his opportunity here. One of the nicest guys you are ever going to meet and I genuinely hope he has a great career. Can't help but not want guys like that to succeed.

I have always liked Swanigan. A skilled bruiser. I don't mind the trade and wish Skal all the best. Who knows, maybe down the track he comes back to Sacramento as a key player.
WCS excels guarding the sled bigs like AD Porzingas Embids of the world but gets killed against the harrel Faried that we got a guy who can be used to neutralize the big azzed threats
Would like to see Swan get some burn against bruisers like Adams and Cousins. See what happens. Adams just mauled WCS and Giles this season, as well as Nurkic.
This was my thought as well. Physical players that hustle have embarrassed WCS on the glass and finishing around the basket. A big body down low who can give some fouls and rebound the basketball isn't a bad thing.
WCS excels guarding the sled bigs like AD Porzingas Embids of the world but gets killed against the harrel Faried that we got a guy who can be used to neutralize the big azzed threats
Willie cannot stop Embiid or guard him in any sort of way. He is a solid big man when he wants to be and that is the key problem with Willie. He's only good when he wants to be. On a perennial playoff team, which is what we aspire to be, you cannot have such a player in your starting 5. You have to know what you're getting. Are you getting the 1-5 FG Willie that gets abused by other big men or are you getting the focused Willie? Those are two very different players...


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Eh... don’t know anything about Swanigan.

Skal has talent somewhere in there. I hope he figures it out.
Just remember Skal came to the game as a teenager, his learning curve is shorter. I am not saying he will be a solid player in the future, I am just pointing out that it would not be unusual to see him continue to develop for several more years.
When I watched Caleb play a few seasons back in SL he legit looked like Kevin Love with the shooting/passing/post game not sure what happened in Portland, but he can replace some of what Kosta does and add passing.


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you swap one end of the bench big for another, but this big can at least rebound and he's got a big frame on him so it will be interesting to see if the Kings staff can work with him and turn him into a productive player.