Kings trade Shumpert


Are people ever going to figure out that Wiggins is bad? I'm not so sure what's so exciting about paying a guy 28+ mil a year for the next 4 seasons to do the following:

-Not defend
-Not rebound
-Not create for others
-Not space the floor
-Eat up a bunch of USG taking inefficient bad shots.

Wish I could get his paycheck being bad at my job while people simultaneously thought I was actually good at it. That's the life.
I'm not in love with the idea, but it's arguable he was on a bad team with a bad coach and in a toxic squad. Seems like he just doesn't love the game, but maybe that's fixable if he's having fun again?

Also maybe there's another player we could swing for if that's the direction we're headed. It's just speculation...
There is no justification for trading Iman for a Burks/2nd, is there? It’s not position, durability or play this year. Team has enough 2nds

I see none

Just the downside of messing up a locker room
While Burks is the better player, I have to agree the potential chemistry effect could be more of a negative than Burks better play is a positive. This makes me think we have at least one more deal coming.
This definitely feels like a disappointed sigh kind of moment. I've been checking the internet non stop for far too long looking for trade rumors.. My two main fears were 1) Sacrificing too much future to make a push for the 8th.. and 2) Unnecessarily trading Shumpert. Dang.

I get that the talent may very well be an upgrade.. but it just doesn't seem worth it given what he's meant to these guys. And to trade him to the team we're playing TONIGHT? Man.. what a lesson in the business side of things this will be for the kids.
I'm not in love with the idea, but it's arguable he was on a bad team with a bad coach and in a toxic squad. Seems like he just doesn't love the game, but maybe that's fixable if he's having fun again?

Also maybe there's another player we could swing for if that's the direction we're headed. It's just speculation...
I might buy that for a rookie or 2nd year player, but we're 5 years in now. Over 13,000 career minutes and 376 games. I just don't buy that he's all of a sudden going to flip a switch and figure it out.
I didn't I say I like the prospect of acquiring him but given our accumulation of expiring contracts/ second round picks/shooting guards, this seems to be a direction we could very well go down.
It was more directed at the people who are talking about how great his stats are and how we would have to give up a Buddy or Bogie to get him.

I mean I think this Shump/Burks trade is dumb but I can't think of a dumber trade than giving up one of your better players for a player who will lose you games just by being here. I wouldn't even take Wiggins if the TWolves sent him here for free and paid his entire salary. He's essentially an on court cancer. Takes away shots from more efficient players to jack up his own counting stats and plays no defense with no rebounding and no passing on top of all that.
I liked Burks a lot 5 years ago. Subtract a little explosiveness due to injury and a lot of development time lost to rehabbing and he pretty much is what he is at this point, a decent bench wing who can score a dozen or so points with substandard efficiency. He's got some big game potential (ie Tony Delk memorial award) but characterizing him as a diamond in the rough still looking for his chance to shine on the right team is probably an exaggeration. But who knows! I've been wrong before. :)
Burks fits in well with this team. Better than Shump despite his being liked in the locker room. This is a hunt for the playoffs. Little bit of a chemistry gamble but it's going to be a hectic last 30 games to try and get into the playoffs.

Shump won a few games for the Kings this year. He probably lost more by being inconsistent. We'll see how Burks fits in.
Um... Wiggins are you kidding me?

He sucks... he's terrible. There's literally nothing he does at an even average level. Pass, rebound, shoot, handle, defend, he doesn't do any of it. The only thing he's good at is volume scoring.

And unlike the Porter contract, the Wiggins contract will absolutely hamstring us in an attempt to resign our most important players.
Whoever is saying not to give up Bogi for can't be serious?

I would drive Bogi to Minnesota myself.
Oh my.

I'm very serious about not acquiring a player averaging $30mil a year over the next 4.5 years when he's statistically a negative on the floor.

2014-15: -1.66 (27th among SFs)
2015-16: -1.17 (30th among SFs)
2016-17: -1.60 (37th among SFs)
2017-18: -1.62 (44th among SFs)
2018-19: -0.78 (32nd among SFs)

Wiggins is the 7th highest paid SF this year (LeBron, Hayward, George, Durant, Porter, Carmelo), and is arguably the 4th highest paid SF if you consider LeBron, Durant, and Carmelo as PFs. Wiggins is 1st in guaranteed money from 2018-2023 among SFs, and is 8th in the entire league (Curry, Towns, Booker, Paul, Westbrook, Harden, & Jokic).

You don't willingly seek out a player of his caliber with this size of a contract.
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I remember watching Utah get eliminated last year by Houston and in that final game Burks showed up to win.

Huh. Must say, I like the way his game looks here. Seems to sprint. Athletic bounce. Has a handle and a shot. Still doesn't solve our biggest issue though...
I would lose Bogi so much faster than Hield.

Frankly...we lose Hield we are set back years. He's untouchable.
How 'bout we lose neither? Bogi goes through a shooting slump and you want to ship him off for an overpriced underachiever? Bogi is a great player. I am going to defend him just like I defended Fox last year from irrational criticism, just like I defended Buddy last year and Bagley this year. Wiggins is a frustrating player who would potentially ruin your chemistry with his ISO BS and half hearted play. You don't have that issue with Bogi, quite the opposite. Wiggins goes through the motions and plays like he doesn't care half the time. He's a prima donna.
Screw the 2nd rd pick we got Alec Burks!!! This is an audition,, if he fits here they can sign him to a friendly deal i think... this has boom potential long and short term.
Minnesota really isn't in the drivers seat when it comes to Wiggins. I would do KK, JJ and Z-Bo. Salaries should be close enough. Maybe throw in a couple of 2nd round picks. They are paying him huge money to underachieve quite badly and he isn't what you call a complete player. They don't have much leverage when it comes to him so offering them 20+ million in expiring deals is quite a bonus for them.

All that being said, he would still be the best SF we have had in a decade (which is quite sad). but he is still young at 23 (feels like he has been in the league 10 years) and a really good positive is that he's played almost every single game in his career with no major injuries. I really am not sure how I would feel about it if it happens to come to fruition, especially if Bogdan is involved. It will sting for sure.
I don't want to lose Bogi. There was a question posed that asked Bogi or Hield.

Bogi would be on the next flight. I still wan't him on the Kings.
I'm not liking the idea of trading either player. But if forced to choose, Buddy Hield is a much more valuable player. He does 1 thing at an elite level and is becoming very good at other things such as rebounding, defense and making occasional plays for his teammates. He's also makes lots of hustle plays which meshes with Fox and Bagley.

BoBo does so many things well, but doesn't put the fear in defenses as Buddy does. And he doesn't make the hustle plays or rebound like Buddy. Defense is probably a push.

Having said all that, IDK that I'd want to trade Bogi in a deal for Wiggins for many of the reasons others have stated. I mean, the dude is ultra talented but there's no guarantee he's going to suddenly cash in on his potential the minute he lands in SAC. Busting up a big part of the current core is a big risk to take.
Wiggins the player I don't mind. Take your chance at getting/developing a borderline star and nurture him. Wiggins the contract I can do without. Too many years left if the experiment fails.