Kings trade Shumpert

Cleveland basically taking on Knight for Houston's 1st?

Why does it seem so often other teams have no problem selling their cap space for a pick?
Cleveland basically taking on Knight for Houston's 1st?

Why does it seem so often other teams have no problem selling their cap space for a pick?
I don’t think we really value a late first pick that much more than the plethora of second rounders we already have.
.... so Burks for Shumpert? Idk Burks that much (or at all), but I hate losing Shump’s leadership. :(
Yeah, nothing against Burks, but I'm a bit concerned since 'Scores' seemed very influential and well liked in the locker room. Yeah, he was frustrating offensively from time to time, but his leadership on a young KINGS team seemed like a positive. I hope this works out.

Perhaps it's a prelude to another trade?
Uh, I thought the point was to get a real sf, not another smallish 2. With Otto going for peanuts, and a ton of 2nd rounders, there has to be something else coming
ALEC BURKS OMG!!!!! I FREAKING LOVE ALEC BURKS..... This guy has had a lot of crapty luck he's really better than people realize.... U guys are gonna be most pleased with this cuz he is a dynamic offensive force, in fact when Burks is actually on he's rather difficult to disrupt...

This is awesome.... I like Shump but Burks is a player I have long said since the LaVine contract was matched by the bulls, that Burks could fill in in that role.

Utah's old play by play guy used to call him "Houdini", and u will see he is actually dynamic with the ball in his hands.

Burks is pretty big too i remember seeing him standing next to Troy Williams earlier this season,who's listed at 6'7" and Burks looked almost taller.. He's got a 6'10 wingspan and he's actually got combo guard skills and he's in a swingmans body..

Burks is legit. I hope we sign him in the offseason. This is great. We are the big winners of this trade. Shump did well but Burks can provide us extrafirepower.

Burks is super explosive too, sneaky, but he has thrown down several monstrous posters on peoples heads.

Cool thing about Burks is, when he's on, he's gets really locked in...

There's upside here... Burks has a lot of good basketball still to play.
Dumb trade. I don't understand this at all.
Yeah, nobody saw this coming. Peaches and Doug are spinning it on the radio saying that Iman wasn't going to be part of the team next season anyway so the fact that they got something in return for him is a good thing. If true, I suppose I agree.

But I still hate trading guys that buy into Sacramento as Iman did and was a leader in the locker room and had a ring to show the young players in order to get their attention (even if LBJ was the reason he got it).

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Shumpert's contract is basically the same size as Burks'. We get a second round pick (wow, we really need more of those) and send a great defender and major chemistry guy out? I can't help but feel that Shumpert was no longer going to be starting at SF, and I have a hard time thinking that it's Burks that was replacing him. Another shoe to drop?