Kings trade Shumpert

I really liked the Barnes for JJ trade.

Personally, I would had liked to have kept Shump.

I think this trade was made with an eye on the playoffs.

Both Shump and Burks being enders, so there was no long term implications to this move. But, if the Kings make the playoffs as the #8 seed, they will likely match up with the GSW. It was apparent from the 3 games already played vs GSW, that the Kings didn't have the shooting to match up with the GSW. Burks brings more offense and shooting than the streaky Shump. With Barnes, coming in to start at SF, Shump would had been pushed to backup SG and the Kings probably felt that Burks scoring would outweigh Shumps defense off the bench. I'm sure getting a 2nd rounder for an ender also helped complete the trade.

We will see if this moves helps the Kings make the playoffs.
Even sleeping on it, I still don’t see the need for this trade. The upside of Burks on the floor over Shump just doesn’t take into account the potential locker room affect. I really hope last night wasn’t the beginning of a demoralized locker room