Kings trade Shumpert


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Burks is a better rebounder and a tad younger. I don't his injury history, but Shump was a poster child for load management, and it didn't look like it was going to improve over time.
Burke’s can thrive with this team....offensively we just added another really solid on the other hand, who is our defensive stopper?
Yeah, nothing against Burks, but I'm a bit concerned since 'Scores' seemed very influential and well liked in the locker room. Yeah, he was frustrating offensively from time to time, but his leadership on a young KINGS team seemed like a positive. I hope this works out.

Perhaps it's a prelude to another trade?
LOVED his leadership in the locker room. But he was a bit of a hot head on the court and the incident confronting another player after a game where security had to intervene wasn't the best example imo.
Don't really agree. At some point Shumpert's defense and chemistry isn't worth it, and considering he's been shooting 30% from the field for over a month and killed a multitude of possessions with his offensive style I've long reached that point.

Slumpert was in my mind a big reason for some of the struggles we had in January.
Burks' stats are fairly close to Shumpert's without the defense. He's actually worse because he likes shooting more than Shump does. His lack of defense and his eye for scoring inefficiently are why he has a negative VORP over his career and why Shumpert has a positive one.

I agree that Shump was a big part of our struggles in January but I didn't expect him to slump like that for the rest of the season. For me, Beli was the main catalyst for the struggles because advanced stat wise, he's been the Kings best player over the course of the year but he's been a turd for the last month or so on both sides of the ball. Tough to win when one of your best players is playing like an end of bencher.
Burks will not have to score like he did in Cleveland and should get many more open looks playing with our group. I think we are going to be very happy with the trade. Sorry to see Shumpert go but I wish him well and thank you for being part of our turnaround.
I know we all loved Shump's locker room presence, by all accounts he was a great vet to have around. ..

But the dude has been KILLING us on the court.
He would play good 1 out of every 5 games. Relatedly Willie plays good 2 out of every 5 games, but let's not dare think to trade him and disrupt the proverbial apple cart! /s My unofficial sources say we offered Willie to the Wizards for Otto and the Wizards said "no thank you!" Bulls on line two !

Burks' stats are fairly close to Shumpert's without the defense. He's actually worse because he likes shooting more than Shump does.
Burks has a higher TS% ASST% and REB% than Shump. He can create more off the bounce. He's a better athlete and I think a little longer. He will likely fit our pace better than Shump so that may help his scoring efficiency. Shump was pretty thirsty with his shot. I am not going to presume Burks will be thirstier until I see it.
Talk of Wiggins today *shudder* has made me feel better about Barnes.
Not me. I'm not hot on either player, but I'd rather have Wiggins than Barnes. Wiggins has the potential to move the needle significantly. With a coach like DJ and the development team the KINGS have and the all-around talent he has, it could really work. Barnes is a stop gap. He's not a game-changer. So why do it?

Vlade: Just say "NO" to Barnes. If possible, just stand pat and let the develop and grow. Hell, with what we're seeing lately, Vlade may have been spot on about MB3 being able to play the 3.
Talk of Wiggins today *shudder* has made me feel better about Barnes.
I think Wiggins would be a vastly different player with the Kings than he is at the Wolves. I can't see us having the currency (that we would part with) to get him but I would most certainly back in our coaching staff to get Wiggins to fulfill his potential.

Barnes is a really interesting one. He fits and might even be better with a lesser role than he has been expected to fulfill at Dallas.

Kings definitely need a SF who can swing over to PF that is why the Burks deal is a bit perplexing.
If this is all we do by tomorrow's deadline, despite all our assets, and unique ability to help teams shed salary, my deadline grade for Vlade would be an F. Valued SFs like Porter have moved for very little return value.

That said, I do wonder if Wiz called us, and what our response was. Given our needs, past interest in Porter, the immediate and future salary relief we could offer, and the bunch of second rounds we could provide, we could obviously meet or exceed the package given by Bulls. The Wiz probably valued Portis more than any player we were ready to give them, and probably hope to sign Parker to a more team friendly deal.