[Game] Kings at 76ers - Wednesday, Nov. 27 - 4 PT, 7 ET

I like that the Kings have a reliable half court offense but the next step is to rediscover their transition 3 game. Walton calls out almost every play which forces the Kings to walk the ball up. We're missing lot of the explosiveness of Bjelica, Buddy, and Bogdan we saw last year as a result.
You have to think De'Aaron Fox fixes a lot of that. CoJo simply not cutting it on the offensive side.
I wasn’t able to see the block tonight, but that combined with the DeAndre Jordan’s “ most wanted “ facial is good for me for the week
Whomp whomp!

Ending the road trip in Philly was always gonna be tough. I'm not surprised Holmes got beasted on by Embiid (along with everyone else), dude was obviously gonna be on a mission tonight after dropping that goose egg in his last game.

I'm not super peeved about this loss, one cool thing about having a legit coach like Luke is that every L can be a learning experience, this isn't like years past where the takeaway after every loss was "we just gotta play faster" or some other such nonsense.

It'll be nice to see the squad play at home with Bagley (hopefully)!


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There were a lot of short shots, even at the free throw line. They just didn't have their legs for shooting, and they couldn't compete inside.

I was hoping the Kings could draft Thybulle, but they didn't have a first rounder. I'll take JJ as a consolation prize. That runner of his is darn near money on every attempt. His ball handling was very good as well.

We're all waiting on Bagley at this point. Can't wait to get that talent infusion in the lineup.
We are undermanned and I hope having Bagley back will improve the rotation. No matter what others say our #2 pick has not had a real good chance to shine and with this teams structure at this point he should get a lot of run to actually see where we are with him.

The team has had way too many bad breaks with injuries. Yeah the refs didn’t help but if we are basing those losses on one play maybe we shouldn’t have made to many dumb plays to put us in that position.

We drafted Fox to run the offense and not have to depend on others to create their own offense (Buddy) . Many have talked about Bogi and Buddy being spot up jump shooters and we have put them right where we didn’t want them to be.

After all my complaints above I think this team has hung together and given us a tough and never give up attitude that has and will continue to pay dividends but they need to have the rest of the team back.
The Sixers are undefeated at home and you can see why. Great length, defense and rebounding. They share the ball. They are well coached and tough to beat.

The Kings continue to stay in games with their defense. Dedmon finally showed some signs of life and matched up better against the Embid Monster.

Matisse Thybulle was fun to watch at U of WA. He is like a secret weapon. His wingspan is extreme. He led his college team in blocks from the guard postion. He set records for steals and he can score. The passing lanes against Phila are really narrow.

The Sixers exposed the Kings weakness on the defensive boards.
One of the secrets to having fun with sports and being a happy fan, is to have reasonable expectations.
For a team that has not been remotely close to playing at .500 for over ten years, being disappointed by going 5-5 is just setting yourself up for heartache.