[Game] Kings at 76ers - Wednesday, Nov. 27 - 4 PT, 7 ET


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Another early game. At least I've got power. :)

About a foot of snow on the ground so far. Roads clogged with flatlanders who really shouldn't be trying to drive in the snow. Those of us who live up here are staying off the roads as much as possible...

In other news, the Kings are in Philadelphia to face the 76ers. It's a good day to stay inside with a fire in the woodstove, a cup of my favorite seasonal adult beverage and a pie baking in the oven.

I hope the bully gets put in his place in this game. And that it is well timed and subtle. Preferably by Holmes, but without any fine or suspension. Just good, hard basketball with an unmistakable message.
Go Kings!


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We just got power restored after the wind took a power pole for a ride.

The Kings have totally got their work cut out for them in this game. Embiid is going to be super aggressive after his zero point performance. Which means Holmes has got to be super smart in dealing with that aggression. All that has to happen is that Bogs, Buddy, Barnes and Bjelica have to go crazy from the 3 point line. Easy peezy.:p
Sure wish we had Ariza. I wonder when he will return to playing...or if he returns? A right Ariza seems to be an important part to a successful season.


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Man, it feels like the Sixers are almost too big for their own good sometimes. Dedmon outran all their giants down the floor on that break while a normal team would have stopped him before he got past the FT stripe.