Kayte Christensen-Hunter


I'm a fan despite the few nay-sayers on here.

She is not at all like the other female color announcers in other sports and on other networks. They seem to want to out-men the men. Be tough and snarly. It is like listening to a female dog bark. (IYKWIM)

Kayte seem natural, confident without airs, and knowledgeable from her pro experiences. Hope she is able to retain her low key personality and not get caught up in the rah-rah.
If a player is good enough to make it to the WNBA then, yes, they are good regardless of the measure.

Same with Olympics, PGA tour, WTA, NBA, NFL, etc. One does not achieve the professional level without remarkable skills.

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Honest question. Was Kayte good in the WNBA?
If you're asking if she was a star, then the answer is no. But, she was drafted in the third round, and she had a longer career than thirty of the thirty-nine players taken ahead of her. Every player from her draft class who played more games than she did was drafted in the first round. And it wasn't like the draft class was a bust, either: six All-Stars, and at least two Hall of Famers (likely four, if you include the Women's Hall), came out of that draft.

Without thinking about it too much, I'd say that the closest NBA comp might be Nick Collison?
This is a good move. Although we’re all familiar with Kayte, its going to be a different broadcast because Jerry and Doug both brought “kookie” character traits to the job. If Kayte is pressured to be “more funny” or “more entertaining,” this might not go well.

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Forgive the weakness of my Internet-fu, but I don't appear to be asking Doctor Internet the correct questions: Doug Christie has joined the Kings coaching staff, and Kayte Christensen-Hunter has replaced Doug, on commentary. Who replaced Kayte, on the sideline?