Interesting Mikki Moore quote

Emphasis added.

That offseason, (Mikki) signed with Sacramento, where he hoped to end his career.
It didn't work out. As has been the case throughout Moore's career, there was a younger, or better, or more established option. He fell into a purgatory of being a forgotten man on a forsaken team.
"They had basically decided to tank the season in December," he said following a 17-minute stint in Friday night's victory over the Pacers. "There's nothing that you can do about it. I just sat back and tried to be encouraging, teach the young guys, and with the little time that I got, I tried to be a presence out there."

Now, this may not be shocking terminology in Boston, where one of their own players said that the Celtics were tanking a few years back, but I hadn't heard it said of the Kings before, so thought I'd throw this quote out there for people to see.

Myself, I don't think the Kings are tanking, I think they've just come to accept what a wretched team they are right now. What about you... agree, disagree?
Honestly, our team isn't good enough to "tank". And really I don't think a "team" can tank, just the front office and the coach. I'm sure none of the players care about whether they get the top pick or not. I dunno about anybody else, but I wouldn't stop playing my best every night just so to get a good draft pick


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Mikki Moore, the great team player, showed up in Sacramento all about excuses and passive aggressive whining. Apparently you missed his quotes heading out of town, which were in a similar vein -- nothing was his fault, it was ours. Our focus was wrong, and that was why he didn't play, and its too bad because he had hoped to find a home here with a team trying to win and on and on and on.

If not playing Mikki Moore = tanking, every single team he has ever played for has decided to "tank" at some point.
haha, tanking.

Who are we sitting out with a phantom injury? .. were too bad to tank. Wiz might tank by leaving Arenas out... you can say the heat 'tanked' last year by keeping wade and marion out. We have no reason and no way to tank even if we wanted to... Unless we play K9 for 40mpg ..
The problem with this is that JT & Hawes were thoroughly outplaying Mikki. So if anything, it's the opposite of tanking.
Maybe he got a concussion and forgot all those 20 minute, 4 foul, 1 rebound games he had. He was a key figure in that December decision to throw the season in the tank, based on what I saw he went into "Tank Mode" in October. That's what counts as leadership and teaching the youngsters, apparently.
Mikki seems like a nice guy but I don’t understand what he’s trying to say.

First he should thank the Kings for giving him his wonderful contract - a contract for a guy who didn’t deserve that amount of money for what he produced on the court. Sure, he’s a great guy off the court but I’m nice too. He should also thank us for letting him go, so he can 1: go to a winning organization and 2: getting another contract.

I was listening to the radio and Mike Lamb asked him if he felt like he got a fair chance this year and he said “no.” Besides that ton of man love that Reggie gave him, I don’t know what else he thought he deserved. Even Natt gave him his time early on.

Mikki got his time and unfortunately for him, Spencer and Jason both outplayed him. Mikki should be blaming himself instead of other people.
Mikki put up worse numbers last year starting than KT when KT was starting for us.:eek:

This is an overinflated ego and sour grapes, nothing more.
I think he's being facetious - meaning that if someone else signs him, the Kings wouldn't be able to.
Actually, I was referring to the thought that if someone gives him a fatty contract next year, it subtracts from how much the Kings owe him... or am I wrong on that?


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Actually, I was referring to the thought that if someone gives him a fatty contract next year, it subtracts from how much the Kings owe him... or am I wrong on that?

I'm not sure how that works given that special waiver provision, but I would imagine we've already saved all we could on that contract by cutting him and reducing it from $6mil to $2mil.