Gaming Thread!


Hall of Famer
I’ve been a little underwhelmed so far, tbh, but probably mostly due to the high expectations I have for the series.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Returnal though.
May’s been so crazy with games I haven’t given Returnal enough time.

REVIII ended up growing on me. I liked the pure survival horror of VII much more though. “Ethan does RE4” always seemed like such a strange way to take the series to me.

Playing through the Mass Effect trilogy for the first time proper with the Legendary Edition. I had played bits and pieces of 2 & 3 before, but never beat either. This one perfectly fits Slim’s posted tweet, “The entire world is about to blow up, but I need to check every inch of this building for a crate!”

And BioMutant comes out today. It’s getting kind of beat up by reviews, but I’m still excited to give it a shot.


Hall of Famer
BioMutant is ... strange? But I think I like it.

The action and exploration seem good. Looks great. The crafting/upgrade/loot system is awesome. But the omnipresent narrator that speaks over EVERYTHING was certainly an interesting direction. I’m only an hour-plus in and I’m already just reading ahead with the subtitles and skipping his narration.