[Game] Game 38: Sacramento Kings vs. Dallas Mavericks, 1/13/15. 7PM PST 10PM EST

How many points will the Mavs score tonight?

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The Game Thread Dude
Kingsfans.com Official Game Thread
Game 38
Sacramento Kings versus Dallas Mavericks

By Stephen Tetsu, Frozen rain is worse than snow

The crawl-on-all-fours strategy probably works better than doubling Boogie.
See everyone? NBA 3.0 WORKS!!! Where are all the haters now, eh? Using our new, breakneck paced offensive onslaught, the Kings pulverized Lebron's Cavs en route to a 130-112 victory and Vivek and PDA and ol' flattop, and Marge in accounting got to go home happy and content and ready to give the good ol' 4-on-5 routine another go. I especially loved that part in the third quarter where Nik passed up an open three on the break to instead give the ball to our new franchise savior Derrick Williams for the first 720 degree dunk in NBA history. Really impressive.

Oh wait. Oh... Oh no... That's not right at all. Fiddlesticks.

In an absolutely predictable turn of events, the Sacramento Kings blew the sad skeleton of the zombie Cavaliers out by slowing things down, hammering the soft-as-fudge defense of Euroball genius David Blatt's squad inside, and generally playing a style of ball that strangely resembled the successful uglyball of the early season.

That's right, the Sacramento Kings won a game by playing the kind of basketball that got their old coach fired. If style really means more than wins, then PDA must be pooing diamonds out of his furry herniated weasel hole because the Kings were actually playing at the slowest pace in the NBA against the Cavs.

Why, if the Kings keep this up, I might actually start looking forward to watching them again.

But don't worry, oh ye lovers of Nellieball and speedy plays and teams scoring 120 points. Tonight the Dallas Mavericks are coming to town. If there ever was a team for the Kings to NOT try to outrun, it would be this one (and Vivek's favorite team from the bay), which of course means Tyrone Corbin's going to be getting notes from up top telling him to pick up the pace ("Think of all the dunk opportunities, Ty! Think of the style!") and the Kings are going to drop yet another twenty pound deuce right on the front lawn of the collective Kings fan mansion in which I presume everyone now lives (I haven't been back to the states for the better part of a year. For all I know, that's where everyone lives now.)

Sure Dirk is now approximately three-hundred-fifty-five years-old but he's a good three-hundred-fifty-five years-old and still quite the handful for even a man-to-man defender of Jason Thompson's caliber (yeah, I said it). Meanwhile, Monta Ellis is doing Monta Ellis things, that is to say he is scoring at a nice clip while also being scored on at a nice pace as well. Chandler Parsons is also scoring at a high pace while also being generally bad at defense.

Yep, while they're a great offensive team, the Mavs of this season aren't exactly going to lock anyone down with their defensive prowess. The only two plus defenders on their roster aren't as good defensively as they once were. With Tyson Chandler now being sorta fat but a good team facilitator and glue guy. He also won't be able to stop Demarcus though, in his defense, no one can. Rajon Rondo has played well enough to start his Dallas career but has never really been the same defensively since his first big injury a couple seasons ago.

But who cares about all of that because the pace of this game should be amazing! Get your EXCITEMENT pants ready because tonight is the night we get to see NBA 3.0 fully realized. Be prepared to have your mind blown.


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Shoot, Tets. You didn't even talk about the invention of the threeve point shot, which will be unveiled today. It'll be like when Rockne broke out the forward pass!
The sarcasm here is beyond my appreciation. Tough game against a tough opponent. As said elsewhere, defense, defense, defense. Being tenacious and being more so later. Nice article on JT and his defense in this morning's Bee.


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I love the sarcasm...it entertains me more than the Kings most games lately. I want to see us grind out a win..bump, grind, defend. If we try and run to out score these guys ....forget about it.
I wonder if Vivek and his tech buddies that are smarter than him are working on mini rockets to strap on the shoes of our Kings and take the pace to overdrive. FUEL INJECTION!!!!
There is simply little chance the Kings have to compete with the Mavs' complete team.

The Mavs' bench would win against a LOT of NBA teams this year, including the Kings when they aren't playing defense.

For the Kings to win tonight, the starters would have to average 40+ minutes each. (no OT)


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There is simply little chance the Kings have to compete with the Mavs' complete team.

The Mavs' bench would win against a LOT of NBA teams this year, including the Kings when they aren't playing defense.

For the Kings to win tonight, the starters would have to average 40+ minutes each. (no OT)
Well, isn't this what happened the first time around?
Boogie is bothered by guys like Tyson Chandler. Hopefully he can put him in foul trouble fast. He only scored 16 points in the first meeting vs the Mavs this year


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well based on the pattern of PPG allowed in these last few games it really comes down to if Dallas is hitting their outside shots....they pretty much live and die from the perimeter so if they are dropping the Kings are just doomed. Tyson gave DeMarcus fits last game....need composure from him here and need Darren to be more aggressive on offense. Let Rondo shoot jump shots all day...do not let him dictate the way they want to play on offense. I hope the refs let JT play some d on Dirk because he usually does a fairly well job.
I am back after a winter meditation hiatus.

Still depressed about Malone.


Want Malone rehired.

Want Mullin gone.

Want a profuse public apology from Vivek.

Have lost a lot of respect for Ranadive. Mostly because of the dishonesty and arrogance of doing this under the guise of "creating a team that reflects Sacramento." Are all nerds this socially inept and tone def? And if they get rich, do combine it with arrogance?


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For first time since before boogies sickness I am pretty excited about game tonight. Can't put my finger on why. Maybe I'm thinking a win tonight is a sign we could be back on track with it being a good team and the collapse from the last time we played them when were in the middle of our modern day glory


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Maybe someone should volunteer to take care of the VFTOS portion. Tetsu san obviously has his hands full. I'm burned out because of chronic health problems or I'd do it. (Yeah, sure, Glenn. :eek: )

A win tonight would mean a lot to this team.


The Game Thread Dude
I'll try to get back on top of the VFTOS thing. Honestly, I just forgot last night because it was late and I was tired and it's cold in Japan.


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I'm tired of keys to the game. Always same thing for last 8 years. No turnovers, protect the leather, value the ball, sync with the sphere, don't relinquish the round thing blah blah blah


The Game Thread Dude
The commentators have been spliced out of my feed of the game on NBALP for some reason and I think I'm enjoying the game more as a result.