Following Potential *2020* Draftees

Well he has one of the talents that's coveted. He's a terrific shooter, and he's a good sized wing. I've heard or read some criticisms of his athleticism, but I don't see the justification for that. He's certainly not an elite athlete, but he's a good athlete. You don't have to have a 40" vertical to play in this league. Does he have Jamal Crawford handles? No! But his handles are good enough for what he does, and he seems to know what his capabilities are. He doesn't turn the ball over that much.

Does Danny Green create a lot of shots on his own for other's? No, but he's made himself a valuable player in the league. The way I look at this draft is that your not likely to find a superstar, especially where the Kings will be picking, but if you can find a player that fills a need that you have, like someone that can come off the bench, puts some points on the board, and play defense. Accomplish that, and then you've had a good draft.

Hey, if you get lucky and find a star, then great. You never know. When I followed Leonard at San Diego St. I never once looked at him as a superstar. I really liked him, and had him at the top of my draft list, but I saw him as a player that could fill a hole in our roster. Someone who could score a little, with the potential to do more in that area, and mostly, as a terrific defender. Never in my wildest dreams did I see him as the player he became. I guess one could say that I missed on him, but it your going to miss, that's the way to do it.

Nesmith took a giant leap forward this year from his freshman year and that's a good sign. He became the best player on his team, and was without a doubt the go to guy on that team. If he can bring that shot to the NBA, and improve on other aspects of his game, then who knows, he might make another player on the team irrelevant and a valuable trade piece.
Given their likely pick position in the upcoming draft, I think it makes the most sense for the Kings to simply select the most talented player available. It sounds like a rudimentary concept, but I think we’ve seen the FO of this franchise “overthink” such decisions all too often.