Drew Gooden Big Time Thank You Thread


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This thread has been started to thank Drew Gooden for all of his many contributions to the Kings over the year...er....days of his tenure in Sacramento.

Thank you Drew! Thank you for never getting healthy. Thank you for being willing to pay back millions of dollars just to escape the Kings. And thank you for being a non-pharmaceutical alternative solution to any E.D. issues Jerry might have developed in his old age. To see old Chuckles bouncing around with a perma smile on his face like a horny teenager at the mere mention of your name truly made every one of the 26 minutes of your Kings career a complete entertainment package. To see you go was to sadly see the end of an era! *sniff* :(
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I should buy a Drew Gooden jersey from the NBA store, in tribute. It may become a collector's item some day.
I bet they are alreayd sold out, you can probably find one on ebay though, but man I'd hate to see the prices with all the people trying to get their hands on one
It's hella stupid. Stupid awesome!

Causewell Poetry? I am sad I missed that, but how about a Gooden haiku, or as I like to call it Goodenku

Welcome to Sacto
Beardless Success Rebounding
Gone So Soon? Yay Team!
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