Draft and Develop

2016: WCS

2017: Bogs, Papa, Malachi, & Skal. Plus Buddy via trade.

2018: Fox, Giles, Jackson, & Mason.

2019: Bags.

Hits to Misses: 7/3. 70% hit rate. Misses: Papa, Malachi, & Skal.
Flashing superstar level talent: Fox, Bags, Giles.
High level core player: Bogs & Buddy.
10 year pro: Jackson.

And the best part, the biggest outlier of the young collection of talent is Bags. Outside of Bogie (doesn't count, given when he came over), Bags is the only one of the young players, who has been able to be plug and play productive from day one. Each of the other players have taken about a year to be truly productive. That bodes extremely well for us, if he has the same type of acceleration as the others (I believe he'll be a completely different player in 1.5 years--beast).

Congrats, Vlade, Vivek, and Joeger.
Think you should add Mason to the list.

Long term budget pg on the cheap from the second round. He will be in the NBA for a long time in that role. That's not bad for a second.
Mason will be lucky to be in the league in a few years. He's barely played in over a month on the Kings and I can't see another team looking at him and thinking he is the answer at back up pg. He's already 24 so his ceiling is basically already reached and most teams will consider his height an issue. Hope he sticks around because he's easy to root for, but I see him as an overseas player sooner rather than later.
I still wouldn't give up on Skal he seems like the type of player who could put it together a little further down the road and be a 3&D 5. Im also happy it seems like they are using the D-league to their advantage i would double down on that investment with a pile of 2nd rounders coming down the pike.
eeehhhhh....I don't think he was a bad pick, but I just can't see him as significant part of THIS team going forward. I do agree he could potentially be a Belly type of player if he ever developed an above average three point shot.
Overall Vlade has been very good with bringing in young talent. The Kings are probably the most well stocked young team in the league.

The PAPA G pick and Malachi pick were both terrible selections but he got Bogi in the same trade as Papa G. Bogi is better than most of the players in the 2016 draft. The 2016 draft was just terrible in terms of depth past the Top-10 picks. Would have been nice to have Sabonis or Hernangomez instead of Papa but those two guys are not better than any of the young core on the current roster.

The big question is what to do with Skal ?

He's in his 3rd year now and they will have to make a decision on him here in the next year. If you knew you were getting rid of Willie maybe Skal is worth keeping but if you plan on keeping WCS and you already have Bagley + Giles then Skal has got to go.

I would imagine Skal has at least a little bit of value to where you could get a late 1st round or early 2nd round pick for him. If he's not going to be part of the future then you might as well trade him and get something back for him even if just a second round pick.

The key to being a good NBA GM is stockpiling assets and never ever letting young talent leave without getting something back for them.
2005 to 2015 is completely irrelevant. People can harp on our history and complain about incompetence in the past, but I'd rather enjoy/evaluate/trust the current leadership of the team on their own merits.
It's never been explained why the fact that this franchise drafted Jimmer has anything at all to do with what's happening now.
If I have time this weekend, would like to pull the acceleration rate for average rookies and then apply and compare it to the Kings kids.

Looking not too far ahead, it's certainly within reason to envision both Giles and Bags shooting a mid .30s rate from three.

And without looking that far into Joeger's past, the Kings have this:

Gasol ---> Giles
Zbo -----> Bags
Conley --> Fox

Obviously not the same type of players, but we're looking at a core with three potential perennial all stars (maybe much more).

Also, while Fox is the Kings pace and professionalism and Bags is the Kings motor, Giles shaping up to be the Kings heart.