2020 No-Spoilers NBA Draft Thread

Capt. Factorial

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We have had requests in the past for a Twitter-spoiler-free thread for people who prefer to watch on ESPN (or other TV).

DO NOT POST TWITTER SPOILERS HERE. Post a Twitter spoiler here, even accidentally, and you get a thread ban. Keep the threads straight.


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Pick is in again and still talking. They are definitely gonna make this last 3 hours for first round. Why do they seem so dry and bland tonight. Is it the lack of a crowd?
Capt, if nobody else is using this thread, don't feel like you have to keep updating due to me. I'm watching it live, I would only come in here to catch the reaction as it happens, but it looks like that's not happening!


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I’m here brother. But really just looking for any trade type stuff. Can’t look for it on twitter without spoilers. Really pointless to watch it on tv but I enjoy the nostalgia