2006 NBA Most Valuable Player

2006 NBA MVP is.....

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This is going to be a very tight vote once again. My vote goes to LeBron James by a hair over Steve Nash. I keep going back and forth with LeBron or Nash, but seeing how James over the last month has put a very subpar team on his back and lead them to their first playoff appearance. And how the Suns have kind of faltered down the stretch, my vote goes to LeBron James.......today. Tommorrow it could be different, that is how close it is.
With all the injuries the Mavericks have had to endure - the one constant was Dirk. It's no coinicidence he has CARRIED this team towards another 60 win season. Steve Nash, sans Amare, has been amazing but aside from Amare - no one else has lost games due to injury. Atleast no one significant. Chauncy Billups / Detroit? THEY'VE HAD LITERALLY ALL 5 OF THEIR STARTERS HEALTHY FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. The only starter who missed a game was Rasheed - and that was b/c of too many technical fouls. Why would Kobe even be considered for the MVP? Tim Duncan's been hurt and inconsistent w/ that foot problem.

I think it comes down to Dirk vs Lebron. Brand has had an excellent year as well and I'd be ok with him winning it also.
Dirk is legit also, just don't see him getting as much stuff as the others. Ditto Brand. With Billups (player, not players), it's how he is consistently the main guy that wins the Pistons games with his passing and offense. Without Billups, and instead Arroyo (for when he was there)/Hunter in there, they would not be as good as they've been.
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Folsom Al said:
A case can be made for all those players ... but, I went with Dwyane Wade :cool:
Dwayne Wade certainly has the capabilities to be an MVP...someday. I would like to see him play like this without Shaq and ultimately I think that's going to hurt his chances - he's got Shaq.
You take Nash/Dirk/Kobe/Lebron/Duncan off their teams and they would suck.

I think it could be anyone of the above. The others are great players but take them off the team and they still have decent teams. Take the above off and the teams are done.


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Probably Dirk, although these last few weeks have me thinking maybe its time for the LeBron era to officially begin.

Thing is, the MVP is normally an award that has gone to the best player on a championship contender. Because of that, think it eliminates guys who absolutely would be in the running otherwise.

Pistons mania has calmed down a bit, so I no longer think there is going to be pressure to give it to Chauncey, or whoever, just because they are a Piston ala that All Star debacle. Duncan has been a shell of himself, so he is out. Miami has been disappointing, so that and the normal Shaq/Wade split probably mean those guys are out.

So that leaves Dirk really as the best "great player on a great team" candidate. Kinda of like Garnett when he finally won one when his team took that next step.

The interesting part is how the leaders of the next tier of teams are going to be treated -- specifically Nash keeping the Suns afloat and LeBron emerging into mega-stardom on a 50 win type team and powering them down the stretch.

Think Kobe's only shot is that 81 he hung up, but the team just isn't good enough, especially not if it slips back to the #8 seed.
BigWaxer said:
You take Nash/Dirk/Kobe/Lebron/Duncan off their teams and they would suck.

I think it could be anyone of the above. The others are great players but take them off the team and they still have decent teams. Take the above off and the teams are done.
I don't think you can base your MVP picks off that. Take Billups and Wade off their teams, and their team goes from title contenders to playoff contenders. That being said, my vote still goes to LBJ.
I'd like to say Wade out of the ones listed but I think Nash is going to do it. Even without Amare, Suns still have been very good. A lot of how well Marion and Diaw have played are because of him.
I chose LeBron. The Cavs might be a 50 win team. They're making the playoffs for the first time since like 1998. He's averaging insane stats, he's had a couple of tripple doubles this year. The cavs have had a lot of injuries, not as many as PHX or Dallas but Hughes has been out a lot, Ilgauskas has been out a couple of games, they missed Varejao for part of the season. Marshall and Jones were good players last year but they suck this year.
As much as I hate this and as much as his team sucks, I think that some of the stuff that Kobe has done this season was not from this world. Without him the Lakers wouldn't win 20 games.


My lone vote went to Elton Brand. Having watched him in person numerous times this year, I had to give him the nod. The dude is unreal.
I'd go with Steve Nash. Amare is out, and the rest of the team (raja bell, eddie house, etc) are having career years. I don't understand why Chauncey Billups is so high on the list. Take away Ben Wallace and the Pistons wouldn't win 50 games and their defense which is their strong point would be severely affected.


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Nash...Without question.

You have to look at the Nash effect.

Diaw --- Career year, and then some.
Jones --- Career year.
Bell --- Career year.
Everyone else --- Better than they would be without him.

Nash is clearly the most valuble player to his team.
Kobe with Lebron being a close second.

Dirk and Nash have both had solid years but both of their teams are very talented and deep.

There is no way LA would even sniff the playoffs if you take Kobe off the team. Odom had been the invisible man for 2/3rds of the season, Kwame couldn't even make a layup a month ago, yet they were still in the playoff race. This is a team that around 90% of the media and fans (many on this very board) said would be back in the lottery and out of the playoffs for two years in a row.

I take Lebron as my second pick because of the way he's carried Cleveland on his back the last month or so while putting up Big O type of numbers. I think he has been amazing.


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coolhandluke said:
Where's Jason Hart? Unlike others who are MVP for their team alone, he is the MVP for 29 teams in the league when they play us. ;)

I voted for LeBron. It came down to LeBron, Dirk and Kobe for me. I hate Kobe, and Dirk almost as much. So, I had to pick LeBron. I would vote for Jason Hart before I voted for Kobe or Dirk. :eek: :p
Going with Nash.

Too many bad things have happened to that team and they just keep winning. Not at last years level, but far beyond what should have been reasonably expected.

Nash 50%, 40%, 90% shooting.
Gargamel said:
Vince Carter. Period.

Why Vince? He's a really good player but the nets aren't title favorites and he's not better than Kobe, Lebron, Nash, Nowitzki, etc. I'm not trying to say it's a bad choice, I'm just curious why you chose him.