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  • G3 did you have a chance to download Noby Noby Boy from PSN? I know you liked Katmari Damacy this game is made by the same creator. It's more of a virtual playground but for $5 it's still fun.

    Mad World coming out looks like it's going to be good too. Reminds me of a Sin City, No More Heroes.
    sorry gadget. however, I have no sympathy for anyone who let Sarah last so long. :o

    but in all seriousness, she was not on my orignal list but when I noticed she was still there.. well hell, how could I turn her down?

    did you at least like the photo i chose?
    true of qotsa ... era vulgara and lullabies are both great. natalie was one of my all time personal favorites that i thought would last another round.. didn't know you were a real fan. i always was.
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