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    The Kings are dead. Long live the Kings!

    Thanks for the 411 and laffs but I'm out. I move to Sac with the Kings the summer I got out of the Army. Met Klein at Bombays, The Animal at Crawdads, L Train at an Arco in Elk Grove and many more at random places. Live thru Spuds Hell Billy O's lethargy, the greatest team ever to NOT win a...
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    Kings Dodge Bullet: Dion Waiters Agrees To One-Year, $2.9M Deal With Heat

    And if wishes were horses then beggars would ride.
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    Free Agency

    WWE style. Factions popping up for tag team cage matches come this year's Summer Slam! Oh wait that's wrestling not the NBA right?
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    Free Agency

    Anyone else wonder what it's going to be like when these average players show up with their Power ball like contracts this season? Some jealousy I imagine. Maybe once chubby Conley can go back to eating now that he got paid? I wonder how stupid his old teammate Greg Ogden is feeling right now...
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    Ryan Anderson

    The middling are the majority of voters in the Players Assoc.
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    Ryan Anderson

    Aileen = Fart Man's love child.
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    2016 NBA Draft Discussion

    Next year all teams should pick who the mock draft experts pick that way everyone gets good draft grades....
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    [2016] The Finals

    The NFL has The Shield. The NBA has The Cup.
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    2016 NBA Draft Discussion

    Barring a huge leap of faith I would be more excited about what we got by trading down for him. I see/hear fringe starter. If Rondo's gone as I feel he will be and DC misses games then it's probably a direction they'll look at.
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    New Uniforms Unveiled

    Clean. Simple. Like them. Sadly advertising space was considered. But I love the SAC, crown,lion, etc.
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    Rajon Rondo Article on ESPN

    Saw his interview on tv. Sounded like he said selfish. I rewound Cuz I was suprised by it. Second time I heard selfless. So.......
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    Boogie named to All-NBA Second Team

    Next yr they will toss out the Center position as a voting choice in their planned extinction of dominant big men making the problem moot.
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    Vlade says DMC will NOT be traded this year

    Before this gets out of hand I just want you all to know I am Iron Man.
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    Official! Joerger in as Kings head coach

    Aileen Voidin. The J Jonah Jameson of Sactown.
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    Dave Joerger...rumors and speculation

    I'm a 90s basketball fan. I agree with your though out post The important part is this. The new NASCAR NBA will push their product to the younger ticket buyers who have no patience for the 90s style which is far superior but in an age when it has to be raining threes or breakaway dunks or you...