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    Hey Kings fans! It's time for roll call!

    Kings fan on the move since 1999. Currently residing close to Stanford hospital where I am being treated for stage 4 lung cancer. Don't smoke kiddies! I quit 20 years ago and it still bit me in the butt. I lived in Mount Shasta previously and Folsom before that. Go Kings!
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    Yahoo: Oden ready to join Heat after long road back (The Associated Press)

    How frustrating it would be to all those players who deserve a ring to see Oden get one with the Heat this year.
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    Yahoo: Sacramento Kings Bumble While Courting Andre Igoudala (Yahoo! Contributor Netw

    Iggy was just using us to get more from Denver or others. I'm glad we didn't allow him to play us. Stand proud Kings!
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    [Game] Kings @ Wizards - 1/28/13

    Did you also notice that IT kicked a puppy on his way to the basket?!
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    Va. Beach residents weigh in on proposed arena plan

    I support the Kings name, logo and history. Everything else from players to owners can hit the road as far as I'm concerned. I'm tired of the BS. Maybe someday Sacramento will get another team that can be called the Kings along with decent owners committed to playing quality basketball. We'll...
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    Price tag for Va. Beach arena jumps $46 million

    Plus the Maloofs won't be interested because it doesn't increase the value of the team.
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    Dear Maloofs

    Are you suggesting we sign Charlie Sheen?
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    Dear Maloofs

    I wholeheartedly agree. Except I don't think they care about keeping the fans interested. I also believe they won't fire Smart or Petrie, leaving new owners the opportunity to clean house and start new.
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    Have we hit rock bottom yet

    Must be easy to just pick a winning team and say "I'm a fan!" That to me defines a groupie, not a fan.
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    SI: NBA's new flopping policy the best response to a difficult problem

    Good news. I'm disgusted by what I see in soccer and I would hate to see it get that bad in the NBA.
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    KF Kings Prediction Poll #1: How Will Tyreke Do This Season?

    He will do great wherever he goes. I picked traded because I believe the Maloofs will blow up the team in an effort to save money while they build their "no support in Sacramento" narrative.
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    Grant to interview George Maloof (merged)

    George doesn't like to accept blame much, does he?
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    Grant to interview George Maloof (merged)

    What a freakin' weasel.
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    Tyreke is NOT happy

    Do you have to insult IT to defend Evans? IT may not deserve all the hype he is getting, but he definitely doesn't deserve the name calling.
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    Tyreke is NOT happy

    The Maloofs torpedoed the arena deal in an effort to kill fan enthusiasm in my opinion, so they could move the franchise. I'm beginning to think that these silly moves like extending Smart and creating this totally dysfunctional team and putting Tyreke in trade gossip are just another play in...