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Gulak/Bryan was outstanding; it was exactly the sort of scientific wrestling clinic that made me fall in love with wrasslin', in the first place. Carillo/Andrade was pretty good. Black/Styles went too long. The rest was mid. They pretty much trashed the entire Raw women's division.
I clicked figuring I'd be spoiled but I watched all of those before I started falling asleep minus the women's match, though I knew what was happening there anyways. Agreed.

Also I do not want a Styles/Taker WM Match. Styles gets nothing from beating Taker so obviously they just want a guy that can make him look good? Black sure as s. don't need Taker either. Why?
Watched the women's match. what I was expecting so no harm there (imho). Just an extension of the rumble. Maybe they should have booked Asuka like that a few years back when she was called up.

I don't know why I didn't realize that was the last match.
Not feeling well tonight and with the game canceled don't really have anything to take my mind off things.

Decided to check out AEW for the first time tonight. I haven't watched much since of any wrestling since about 2006 besides the PPV get togethers a friend of mine throws for things like Wrestlemania.

So far I recognize JR's voice!

EDIT: so Coffin Drop is just a 15 foot trust fall
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Is Bulldog NOT in the HoF?
He is now:

Crazy to me, there was a period at the height of my childhood WWF markiness when that team was my favorite thing in the world.
I followed Arn and Tully to New York, so the Bulldogs had already become irrelevant, by the time I started paying attention to WWE. In fact, I started watching WWE just before Royal Rumble '89, so I only ever saw the Bulldogs on tape.
Save for the women's match and the fact that I can't stand Jurassic Express (ALL of them) it was a pretty good show last night.

One positive on the women's side is Britt Baker is growing leaps and bounds as a heel though.

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I'm hesitant to give Vince even the tiniest amount of credit, but good to him for caving, since that whole standoff was about money. I feel terrible about the indy promoters who book events around Mania, though, and now have no shot at getting back their deposits.
It's insane the state isn't stepping in. I realize tourism is the bread and butter but people probably won't forget. Oh who am I kidding, they probably will.


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So how about that Boneyard Match? Fantastic.

Props to Morrison/USO/Kofi for their match, and Seth Rollins / KO as well.