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Charlotte has never worked the indies, as far as I'm aware of. IIRC, she hadn't even planned on ever getting into the business, until after Reid died.

Simone is only just 18, I believe, so I don't know where she would have worked a match. I can't imagine that Rock would consent to her working a VFW somewhere and, even if he had, the match would have been a waste of time: the promoter would have handled her with the lightest of kid gloves. It might have even been detrimental to her growth.


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Seth Rollins is NAILING this new Monday Night Messiah character. This is the best he’s ever been.

Never let the man be a baby face again.

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Nyla versus Riho was a fun match. I couldn't connect to anything else on Dynamite this week. The Velveteen Dream/Roderick Strong stuff on NXT is weird because, based on who's doing what, you'd think that Dream was supposed to be the heel.
Nyla versus Riho was a fun match. I couldn't connect to anything else on Dynamite this week. The Velveteen Dream/Roderick Strong stuff on NXT is weird because, based on who's doing what, you'd think that Dream was supposed to be the heel.
Not a fan of Nyla or Riho and as a whole Dynamite this week was a snoozer for me. Maybe their worst episode yet.

Have NXT tickets for tomorrow. This will be our first "PPV".
Another incredible Takeover.

Lee/Dijakovic was insane. Those big dudes are amazing.

Kai/Nox did a great job following that match. The ending was flat though... Reina Gonzalez isn’t great (from the MYC)

Finn/Gargano was fine. Finn has never really captured my attention as a wrestler. He’s fine. But that’s about it. It did pick up towards the end though.

Ripley/Bianca was also good. Both these ladies have sky-high potential. Ripley vs Charlotte at Mania should be great.

Didn’t pay full attention to the tag match because I really really dislike Riddle. Dude ruins the show when he’s on.

Main event got silly with the over-abundance of kickouts, but ended with Gargano finally returning the favor and turning full heel. Something he really needed after he’s been floundering around.

Can’t wait to see what comes next!
Had a lot of fun tonight. TJ says we saw a cruiserweight title change hands but as far as I recall this was the first time I've seen a title swap. I thought they did a good job building to the expected Riddle getting his butt kicked by Pete only to have them win so that was cool. Maybe down the road they have Riddle turn and swerve everyone. Not sure how long this team lasts. Seems pure comedy. But New Day has a forever run.

I was ready to see the end of the Era tonight but I was pleasantly surprised by Johnny's turn there. Worked well because the fans were probably 2:1 for Finn anyways.

Think I will probably re-watch on the network.

Oh - the street fight. Don't know much about the run in. I think I saw that she was in both of the Mae Young tournies and bounced early. Obviously with no commentary in the arena we were just kind of all WTF?
^^ Yeah, she was in both of them. Forgettable, beat early, and not very good. I’m really hoping she improved quite a bit down in the PC because otherwise I don’t get it.

With her new look (she used to be a cowgirl) I thought she was Sonya Deville and got really confused for a minute.
Yeah she looked like Sonya but I knew it couldn't be her. Went to reddit and found out who she was but I started laughing out loud in the arena when I read a post saying "It's the butcher and the blade!" Random run ins that leave the house mystified are ... random.
I did re-watch on Sunday night.

So the Butcher and the Blade remark made a lot of context in the telecast since Beth exclaimed who it was just seconds after she arrived on screen. I thought this was kind of dumb and maybe "who was that?" with some pause for realizing who it was would make it seem more spontaneous.

I know some folks thought the run in killed the crowd but really it was the table no-selling on Tegan that quieted the arena. It was a good crowd and the smartest I have been in in Portland. I'd been to an NXT house show or two and that was ok, but this was completely different and on a whole 'nother level from the Raw and Smackdown crowds. Also, the pacing was fantastic. Besides the stacked card and the matches lining up really nice start to finish, there was very little dead time compared to a Raw or Smackdown which has so much filler.

Apparently Poppy sang multiple songs? They all sounded the same to me, thought it was one song. LOL cue old man yelling at clouds.

Some spots looked better on TV than they did in arena. There were a few during the Lee/Dijakovic match that looked like botches and either weren't or played much better due to camera angles. The one where Dijakovic jumped over the top rope and got caught by Lee in particular. On the other hand the suplex outside the ring that hit the ring rope looked worse on tv.

Apparently some are saying next year's Rumble will be in Seattle? So between that and Mania in LA we may see one of the big 4 next year. But damn this one gonna be hard to top.