[Game] THE Kings @ OKC Thunder, 2/11/2024, 12:00p PT/3:00p ET

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Dude doesn’t get a call, soooooo now you’re comparing him to Simmons? Jumped the shark with that
He doesn’t get the calls SGA does but I think he is shying away from contact lately and drifting away which is having an effect on his efficiency in his traditionally automatic spots on the floor.

Only in a facet was I making a Ben Simmons comparison. They are otherwise completely different players. I don’t think he wants to go to the line..because his free throw percentage is a disaster for a number one option.
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Maybe there needs to be some kind of "loss beam" that lights up the Sacramento sky when the Kings lose, like they probably will today. What couod thar be, now? A purple frowning face like this - ☹️?


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On the plus side: we hung in there against a team that's better than us record wise, on the road, at a weird time, playing the usual 5 on 8.

On the downside: Fox continues to confound and befuddle with his wildly inconsistent play. Hopefully he figures it out soon.
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