Stockton 23/24 thread

He has a 101 defensive rating which is very good and lower than the other starters. 28 percent from three is not good and his shot is kinda wonky. He will be 25 at the start of next season so the next year will be critical in his development if he wants a crack at the big league.
you seem to have watched the most Stockton, how was Mason Jones defense in the games you have seen?
I haven't really concentrated on that part of his game much so I don't think he's been much of a stand out. I have him as a 3pt shooter or straight line driver. Not a fan of his playmaking. Too wild and too many bad decisions. He'll rack up some assists but he'll also come close to matching them with turnovers as well.


The Game Thread Dude

Slawson and Colby both putting up box score stuffing stat lines against G-League competition almost every night now. Jordan Ford still looks like he could probably not crater the team if god forbid something happened and half of our guard depth chart was unable to play in the same game for some reason (Keon turning out to be a functional PG in our offensive scheme unfortunately pushed Ford further down the depth chart).

Skal looks good against G-Leaguers as you’d expect him to. Jaylen Nowell is back on the Stockton Kings now apparently(?) and loves to get up those shots.

(All of these guys ouplayed OMax for the Texas Legends last night by the way)
i wonder if his presence in the bench would have helped the Kings against the Wizards (regarding Mason Jones)

Deonte Burton looks good too (from the highlights at least) but I doubt he will ever make it to the first team

Nowell was the leading scorer, he used to play well for Minnesota, no idea why no NBA team wants him anymore.