Stockton 23/24 thread

Bye O’Connell and Horne hello former Baylor player

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In case anyone is interested (got my tickets already):

Stockton Kings Fans, this is a day for you!

The NBA G League Season is about to kick off! Get ready to tip-off year 5 with the Stockton Kings at Stockton Arena for the 23-24 season by visiting Stockton Kings Fan Fest on Sunday, November 5th at 11 A.M. Click below to redeem your Fan Fest tickets!

Fan Fest is absolutely FREE! From a preseason game against the Salt Lake City Stars, to games, merch and concession deals, player interactions and more, Fan Fest includes fun for the whole family!

Call 888-KNGS-209 for more information.
Season began the other night

Petrusev only played 9 minutes. No points. No field goal attempts. 1 rebound 1 assist

Jeremy Lamb led the Kings in scoring with 26

Skal 14-6 off the bench

Slawson 13 points and 5 turnovers

Seems this was a game for players of low interest to fans of the main club like Comanche, Nowell, Lamb getting the most burn. Important guys like Keon and Ford being with the main club

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The potential issue there is that Filip is probably going to get a big money European contract the second the Kings cut him that would probably be hard for him to refuse.
Also, I hadn't checked, but Petrusev's money isn't guaranteed until January 10th, so he's super-duper fungible. But yes, I'd say he's likely to bounce to Europe if/when we cut him.


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Slawson not beating those poor man’s Draymond accusations. Really good roleplayering as the pivot big ok offense as a 6’7”/6’8” guy. Defensively sound. Randomly shakes shot.


The Game Thread Dude
The Stockton Kings are currently up by 24 points on the Stars after the first quarter. Jeremy Lamb with 9, Skal with 8, Colby with 7 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists, a steal, a block in 7 minutes. Jordan Ford also looking solid.