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I was watching this game in between time outs of the Kings game tonight, and saw the Sonics muscle their way back from 20 down, outscoring the Grizzlies 34-13 in the 4th; Seattle's playing some of the best basketball in the league right now. Ridnour's looking fantastic in his first season as a starter, and Allen's looking like an MVP candidate.
I think so Heuge... they started out like 9-1 then fell back to reality.

Of course, history doesn't always have to repeat itself and the Sonics sure do look motivated and sharp at this point. Teams better not underestimate them...
Hard to believe, but the key for the Sonics success is not Ridnour or Allen. It is their +8.5 rebounding difference.

Also, I don't think I'd call Ridnour fantastic. He's shooting 34% from the field and this would have been a lot worse had he not played against Bibby and Jason Williams who are not really defensive stoppers.

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sloter said:
Hard to believe, but the key for the Sonics success is not Ridnour or Allen. It is their +8.5 rebounding difference.
You're just a hard sell; this guy went from being essentially a "garbage time" player in his rookie season to being the starting point guard on a division-leading team. While his shooting percentage is down, it is also true that he's being defended by NBA-caliber players, as opposed to the NBDL players that he typically matched up against last season. And, his 3-pt FG% and FT% are way up. For a first-year starter, I call that fantastic.
Seattle looks good, and it's not flukish either. Last season, they were just outscoring people. Rashard Lewis was averaging something like 38 points in the first week of the season. And Ray Allen was hurt, so we knew they were coming back down to earth.

But this season, hell, they're just playing good basketball. All the way around. Decent defense, very good offense, superb rebounding, and confident teamwork. I'd venture to say that they'll be solid for the rest of the season.
it's funny, no one even remembers this team got blown out by the clippers to start the season...

so far seattle has been awesome. but i don't think it'll last. like huege said, didn't they do this last year???

come on, allen isn't going to be shooting 60% from 3 point land all season long :p

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Variant said:
The Sonics went like 9-1 to start the season a year or two ago...
The Sonics were 6-4 after ten games last season. They were 8-2 two years ago, and promptly went on a six-game losing streak. So, if you're going to use that arguement, they should start losing any day now...
Yes, they have been very impressive so far and Yes, they have beaten some of the best in the league. However, I would be very surprised if they make the playoffs.
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[font=&quot]At this rate, they're going to have to go something like 1-10 to fall as far as .500 by Christmas.[/font]
Over the next month they have 7 very losable games to Western teams, including a back to back on the road. I wouldn't put it past them, knowing they’ve annually started out hot three years running now.
kgrichwine said:
Who is the difference maker added to that team? Danny Fortsen? Say it ain't so!
They always have one of Reggie Evans or Danny Fortson on the court. Those guys are both absolute animals under the glass. It's pretty interesting what the Sonics did...they had James/Potapenko/Drobnjak/Booth/Ewing at center the last few years....none of whom can play inside very well, so they got a PF who can - Fortson. Allen was always a great shooter, Radmanovic is sometimes a great shooter, and one of those times is now. He's also even taking it to the rack sometimes.

And I heard a rumor that Payton wants back! (I would vote no).