Satellite customers, DirecTV and Dish Network..what do we do ?

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I'm not sure how much leverage I have. They may have to run a cable to my house, just my house. I'll give it a try and report back.

Do you know anything about the hardware requirements. For example, if my wife wants a second cable output in her bedroom, does a single incoming cable go through and experior wall, then to a splitter box, then two lines come from the splitter, or is there some other physical arrangement? Do I wire the attic and house, then have an open cable exposed outside of the house with which Comcast can connect?
I'm going to try and answer this to the best of my ability. For the most part, the common wiring installation of a home that comcast will do is done on the outside of the home pretty much how you described it. For those customers who don't want wires exposed be it that it may be hidden under overhangs have the option of wallfishing. We wont wallfish for you(running wires through the attic crawl space etc.. in the past we used to but now we require you hire you're own electrician or do it yourself. As for how to wallfish i'm not certain. From what i understand if the wire is within reach of the tech when he installs he can handle it from there. Thats about as much as I know about the installation aspect of cable. I know it doesnt help much but if you need info about upcoming products DVR promotions etc.. i'm your man hahah
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