[Game] Preseason Kings @ Lakers 10/3/2022 7:30pm Pacific 10:30pm Eastern

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It's the first (preseason) game of the year as the Sacramento Kings clash with the hated Lakers in what must surely be the biggest matchup between teams from Northern California and Los Angeles happening today!

No injuries reported for the Kings and the Lakers are reportedly going to play their healthy guys (AD is probably going to play coming off an injury).

It might be a random Monday at the start of October several weeks before the games actually matter but...



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I'm assuming the Kings will start Fox, Huerter, Barnes, Murray, and Sabonis

But if Brown doesn't want to start Murray early, I hope they go with Fox, Monk, Huerter, Barnes, and Sabonis

That opens up PT for Terence Davis as the backup SG. To me the team needs to find a way to get him minutes. And there's much better guard depth on this roster than forward depth. Then you can have Murray and Okpala taking the backup F minutes.
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