Patrick McCaw

Patrick McCaw is about to be released by the Cavs who signed him to an offer sheet last week.

It looks like it was a Cavs assist to McCaw to screw the GSW, who wanted to re-sign McCaw to a team friendly contract.

Once McCaw clears waivers and the Kings waive a couple of the vets and open up a roster spot, should the Kings make a play for McCaw?

He is on the slight side, but he has some upside as a bench swingman and he has won a ring before.
I was never really impressed by him. Maybe a product of the warriors system. Not a good 3 point shooter and his 3 games in Cleveland leaves much to be desired but then again he didn't have a training camp or pre season.


Hall of Famer
I love my dude McBen, but he couldn’t be a worse backup swing option than him yeah?

I assume some lowly tankerific team will have more willingness to see what he has more than as a bench flier though.
Is this guys NBA tenure nearing an end? I know he's still young but it's looking disastrous for him.

I think he may have ruined his career after leaving the Warriors. He wanted to go somewhere where he'd get more playing time to prove his worth for his next contract, but so far that hasn't panned out. Seems like a career G-League guy to me.

He got signed by the Cavs then immediately dumped.

Now he's with Toronto and he's hardly even playing, and when he does play he's not doing anything. Not even averaging 1 point per game.

What the heck happened here?