NFL 2020-21 Season


The Game Thread Dude
Mahomes just does that to teams. Even one of the best defenses in recent history poopooed themselves in the shadow of Mahomes.
To be fair, this wasn’t Mahomes completing a third and 19, this was Mahomes throwing to a wide open Kelce because the Raiders safety decided to spy Mahomes -instead of covering the best receiving tight end in football.


The Game Thread Dude
Perhaps the oddest part of Alex Smith’s comeback story is the fact that other QBs playing in the same game as him keep getting injured.
First Ryan Fitzpatrick (Alex didn’t play that game but was dressed and in attendance)
Then Kyle Allen (horrible leg injury)
Then this week Joe Burrow (other horrible leg injury)

it’s like the universe is trying to compensate for Alex coming back to play football by injuring every other QB instead.
The Bucs will not be representing in the SuperBowl (obviously) - that will likely come from a team in the NIners division not named the Niners.....if they hadn't had so many injuries - all 4 teams might have made it. Its still a good chance 3 of them do.

The Rams will go as far as Goff plays well - who knows how far that will be....


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Sherman, Mostert, and Deebo set to return Sunday. Niners going to get their players back too late to make a playoff push, but early enough to beat weak teams and tank their draft slot. Gooooody,