Nerlens Noel?

He's gonna opt out of his deal in OKC and hit the market.

Lets say he doesnt find the big deal he's looking for.

How do you feel about bidding on him on a 1-year rental-trial deal?
I am a Willie supporter. so I'd take Noel as a backup. In the event Willie gets big $$ elsewhere and the Kings dont match, Noel is interesting in a replacement capacity especially if the price is right, he can't pass liek Willie at-all tho, be warned, noel is a lunchpail guy thru-and-thru, blue collar game..

Noel is a few things, he can really rebound, he can really run and he can block shots, added plenty of strength these past few years and he's tough. He's just 24 years old too, fits right into our timeline.

One thing that he can do like Willie, which is rare for guys that size, is some of those amazing steals that Willie gets, Nerlens can get thsoe 2, they have the rare ability, like paul millsap, to drop low very quickly while moving backwards and stuff, most bigs in the nba go high similarly, but all bigs dont go low like willie and nerlens, it is somewhere on the list of things u cant necessarily teach or expect.

I know people will think "thats harry's spot" but looking at the depth chart, harry IMO should be playing more 4, he should be fighting Bjelly for mins. Swanigan slides in as the skilled 3rd C... The minutes can work and idk bout y'all but it seems to me you'd want a really nice set of bigs going into an 82game szn and playoffs.. If the price is right.. It just seems to me we could be in a position to throw him the highest bid on a 1 year rental. lets say 8.5-11mil or so..

this guy has a major chip on his shoulder, and we have a pretty good team. seems like a good match to me.
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I'd sign him in a heartbeat. He's 4th in defensive RPM and has a higher defensive box plus/minus than Gobert. Obviously not a better defender than Gobert because he plays less minutes and a lot of minutes against backups but the guy would be the Kings best defensive player by a wide margin.

His injury problems are always a concern but with Giles on the roster ready to eat up any available minutes, it's not really a massive blow if he winds up missing 30 games.

I was saying this to another member here but give me Noel and Beverly and I'm set next year. These two guys correct almost all the Kings major weaknesses from last year. Now you have one of the best perimeter defenders who can also shoot and share ball handling duties with Bogie on the roster. Plus you now have one of the better interior defenders in the game ready to block shots and rebound when needed. Neither of these guys are going to be cheap but they won't cost an arm and a leg either. These types of signings are the under the radar type moves that will get this team into the playoffs.


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I like him. If the Kings go to a big-man-by-committee approach, I think he would get a seat at the table. He seems like a worker and he has athletic ability. Also, I always like getting young guys who have not reached their ceiling. You might end up getting a guy that takes a pretty big jump in performance when he enters his prime years.