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SDSU has made a push, but the officiating has been so incredibly blatantly bad against FAU in the final 5 minutes that I feel bad for FAU if they lose.
Lamont Butler making a case for late NBA 2nd Round......see how he does against a over-sized UConn team....... They'll need every bit of his scoring fearlessness.
I knew this season with their not being a dominant team that it would come down to seeds like this playing for the title. Don't really care who wins, but I thnk UConn will.
The women's championship has attracted some serious attention, partly because of Iowa's Caitlin Clark.

LSU showed unbelievable lights out offense on their way to 102 points in the final. The women showed great skills in the game. Their style of play is not as fast or as athletic as the men, but interesting to watch. They have figured out ways to imitate the men including some taunting and trash talking. Angel Reese did not do her University any favors in taunting Caitlin Clark. Some people need to learn how to be gracious in victory.
I would not say "partly" but "mainly." And that's taking nothing away from LSU who only lost 2 games all season, Iowa losing 7. But Iowa ending South Carolina undefeated season sensational, historic win for the lady Hawkeyes. What a joy to watch Caitlin Clark throughout the tournament, could not take my eyes off her - amazing talent! Agreed, that taunting was bush league.


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rooting for SDSU but this is depressing.

I feel like when you brick your dunk 3/4 of the way down the other court, it should be an over and back violation.
UConn deserves more credit for their defense. They are long and quick. The half time shot chart showed SDSU missing everything in the lane. That is because of the defense. Then they lost confidence, and could not even hit free throws. UConn is not just good, they are a dominant team, very deep and plenty of size and talent. The Mountain West Conference made it to the final and that is big news.
Further review suggests that their is plenty of racism in college basketball whether it is men or women. Reese looked like a low class actor, until we look at the back story of Clark and her antics with South Carolina. It totally remarkable that a women's college team could score 102 points. Next the good teams will start focusing more on defense.
I sat down and watched the Women's Final Four for the first time. They have come a long way. The good teams are fundamentally sound and play the right way. Clark is a great passer. Some big centers really dominate. Defenses are slow to change and double team. I like watching it though.
I have known for a while now that this day was inevitable, but now that it is actually here...

Tara VanDerveer, NCAA's winningest basketball coach, retires

I'm, admittedly, a little sad...OK, maybe I am more than just a little sad. For as long as I can remember watching sports, one of the things I have always looked forward to watching was Stanford Women's Basketball. And to say that Tara had absolutely nothing to do with my love for Stanford Women's Basketball is a severe understatement, and a huge eff you to Tara. As a matter of fact, she was, single-handedly, THE BIGGEST reason I ever fell in love with Stanford Women's Basketball. She will be missed. I only hope that her successor (or successors) have even half the success running that program as she had.

Enjoy retirement, Coach. If there's someone out there who has deserved this honor, it's, without a doubt, you.