[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (TDOS)

As ever, context is king. There would have been no use flopping or selling contact in the 80's because it would not have created much of a competitive advantage. The refs wouldn't have started to blow the whistle more frequently just because players started flopping left and right, so guys like Lebron and Chris Paul likely wouldn't have bothered with the theatrics at all. Nor would James Harden initiate contact as often as he does with the express purpose of drawing a foul. The refs wouldn't have blown the whistle in his favor with any great frequency in the 80's. But because Lebron and Paul and Harden can create a competitive advantage in today's game by (over)working the refs, they do so.

I don't like it or admire it, but I also don't blame them. The NBA created a "legislative" environment where the referees have far too much to watch on the floor and far too much to manage within the absurdly-paced speed of the game. There are simply too many "calls" for them to make, and the human eye can only process a limited amount of information in real time. So the appearance of contact is often enough to earn the whistle. If the NBA truly wanted to cut down on flopping/selling contact, they would give the referees less to do, not more. They would eliminate the hand check rule and allow the defender greater latitude with respect to incidental contact. Lebron stops writhing on the floor if it no longer serves his interest to do so.
I agree with most of what you said but what does laying on the floor through a commercial break accomplish? Get hit, react to it, let the refs blow the whistle and then hold your face and walk back to the bench wincing like most players do. Lebron has always been overly sensitive to contact and I know part of it is theatrics but part of it does him no good with the refs and just makes him look like a wimp to everyone.

I do wish the NBA would crack down harder on flopping. They don't need to punish guys or fine them. Just ignore them when it happens and they'll stop doing it because they aren't doing their team a service if they're laying on the floor for no reason.
I like the era discussion. But one aspect that usually gets left out is that players define the eras and affect the rules (except maybe the 3 point shot).

When Shaq played refs had to allow more contact because the League’s most dominant player was a physical freak. When Curry captured the attention of the nation, all of a sudden holding off ball and creating safe landing space for 3 point shooters was necessary.

Luka, T Young and Harden are probably pushing the rules so far in favor of the offense, that the league will change them to give defenders a chance. And I can’t wait to see how Davion Mitchell’s style of play works out.
literally singlehandedly.

Eric snow was the 3rd best player on that team
The point that LeBron didn't have a lotta help definitely stands, but Eric Snow was a shadow of his former self at that point - 23 mpg, 4 ppg - and wasn't close to the 3rd-best player on the team. The ranking of impact payers on that team started with LeBron, Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas at a minimum...